Warning, part 2


I will start by referring to some places from the Bible that are warning against deception. God knows that we need these warnings. Our flesh is very open for deceptions. You can look up Col.2:8+18. Verse eight tells us to beware of worldly philosophy and empty deceit. These theories are according to men and are not including Christ. This is very relevant to-day since the intellectual has such a great impact in our society. Knowledge is not wrong, but it is wrong if this knowledge is contradictory to the Word of God. I, myself have learned quite a lot of psychology, but it came a time when I took all my knowledge before God and asked Him to remove everything that was not pleasing to Him. He did remove some of the things, but I was allowed to keep quite a lot. One of the things He allowed me to believe was the fact that we have a subconscious part. The Spirit told me to look up Matt.7:3 where we read about the speck and the plank.

Humanisme is very popular in the society to-day. Some parts sound very fascinating. They say that the woman is allowed to have an abortion since she should decide what she wants to do with her body. They deny the fact that she carries a living baby. They say that we as humans decide how we want to live as long as we do not harm others. Millions of children are murdered. Isn’t that harmful? I could write a lot about this. Humanisme is not including a God. You can believe what you want as long as you keep your faith to yourself. The Bible says: “Go out and make disciples of all the nations.” Humanisme is a deceit.

In Col.2:18 we are warned against worshipping angels. To-day we talk more about angels than we did only a few years back. The common man uses the term an angel without knowing what an angel is. Sometimes they talk about demons. New Age talk about helpers and in Norway, the crown-princess started a school of angels. It was called Astarte- a name of a goddes. Even Christians can be too engaged with angels. I remember a preacher who announced his meetings with the fact that he had been visited by angels 11 times. This should draw people to his meetings. I believe in angels, but I believe that we should be more concerned about Jesus, the Head of the Church. Angels are invisible servants. They are serving God and they protect and serve us, God’s children. The Bible talks about war-angels and serving angels and in the Old Covenant they were used as messengers of God. To-day God can talk to our new-born spirit. I always ask angels to be with me when I am out travelling and I ask them to accompany the plane or the car. I think that they have a lot of work when i drive in India. I believe that we can set angels in motion by our prayers and I believe that they work in order for our prayer requests to be answered. They are part of the invisible world that we always have around us. God does not want us to worship them . They cannot do anything that is against the will of God. If you worship them, you are on a wrong track and you might worship demons instead of angels. If you believe in angels, but not in Christ and His redemtion on the Cross, you believe in demons and they come from the devil.

I will mention a little bit about alternative medicin. I have not studied this enough to explain all the different roots behind the different forms of medicine, but I know enough to know that behind many of the forms you will find an occult root. I will therefore include this in my warnings. I do not want you to become scared, but do try to find out what they believe before you seek alternative medicine. To-day we can read about most of the things on internet. They will seldom say directly that it is occult, but might say that it comes from countries that practise other religions. Alternative medicine is often built on a revelation given by a demon and this revelation has become a theory. To-day I find it difficult to find masseurs who are not practising yoga or other parts of oriental mystic. Even we as Christians can become quite desperate when we are sick and we can be tempted to go to anybody in order to get well. Some of these treatments really help for some time, but I have seen friends who have become so dependant on the therapists that they move further away from God. One who says she or he has “warm hands” might say that they have gotten this from God, but they do not practise healing according to the Word of God. By seeking help from one who practises medicine based on an occult revelation, you are coming under those spirits. I have sometimes seen that this can create new problems and sicknesses. I really pray that the Spirit of God shall be poured out in order for healings, signs and wonders to take place. I want to see that both among the unrightous and the rightous. BE CAREFUL AND SEEK HELP FROM A WELL WHERE THE WATER IS FRESH AND CLEAN AND NOT MIXED WITH HIDDEN POISON FROM THE ENEMY.

Money is often used by the enemy to tempt us. You will find pastors who are preaching a message that the rich ones in his congregation like to hear. Money has become an idol and the pastor is disobedient to God. You will also find some wrong teaching about getting easily rich. I believe in the teaching about sowing and reaping, but you do not normally reap right away. Some people talk about poverty as a virtue and that is a deception just as much as the wrong teaching of quick wealth. There are those who are dishonest. They might take the money that was collected for the needy and use for themselves. Most of the time they will take a small part and think that they will get away with it. BE CAREFUL ABOUT SOWING. I want to have good fruits and a lots of fruit. You will know the tree by its fruits. Nice and alluring words can sound nice, but they are a deception if the crop is not good.

Pride is an opening for deception. Quite a few leaders have this. They might have made a mistake or changed their way of teaching, but they will not confess the mistakes or their wrong doings. Some are not open for constructive criticism. They only want to be patted on the shoulder. Everything else is taken as criticism. They might use qoutations from the Bible, such as “do not touch the anointed.” I do not say that a leader should change his mind easily, but he should listen carefully, pray about the matter and if necessary ask for forgiveness. He should also go back to the person and give the person honor.

We can easily be deceived when it comes to the gifts of the Spirit. Some people think that everything that they see and haear come from God. We really need to be humble when we operate in the Spirit. First of all, we need to know God and the Word and to be part of a church with sound and balanced teaching. God is always speaking according to His Word.

Many allure others by controlling them spiritually. Nobody has a right to control another human being. I am not talking about small children. If we are asked, we can give an advice, but the best help we can give, is to help the person to choose for himself. The Gifts of the Spirit are given in order for us to bless others. I got a word of knowledge from a Christian brother to-day. This was very helpful for me. We should not be afraid to use what God has given us, but we are human beings and can make mistakes. If we are bound or have sins that are not confessed, we have openings for the devil to use and both he and our flesh can allure us. The older I get, the better I get in practising the gifts. I know the voice of the Sheperd better to-day than fifteen years ago.

Sex, money and power seem to be the most serious temptations in the Body of Christ. Maybe I will write more about this later.


Mother Else