Warning, part 1

15th of March

I have written many chapters on prayer and the first came last time. You have to wait to the 15th of April for the next one. The Spirit has asked me to warn some of you. You are in danger. I am obedient and will twice write about deceiving spirits.


I have to warn you. Against what? Against deceiving spirits. They have existed at all times, but it will become worse and they might become quite tricky. I heard a woman say on television that she would write a book to warn the Body of Christ. I hope that she writes this book soon. Many of us feel that these spirits will be more activ than ever.

It is impossible to cover everything in two chapters, but will mention some of the things.

The devil will seldom come as a roaring lion to Christians. One can both see and hear a roaring lion and one tries to protect oneself in all possible ways. No, the devil has a different method for the Christians, especially for the honest and sincere ones. He clothes himself in religious clothes and he comes quitly. The “Angel of Light” loves to deceive the Christians. The Word of God will often be used, but in a wrong way. The devil knows the Bible better than you and me, but he does not love the Bibel. He loves to misuse and distort. Do you remember when he tempted Jesus? You can read about that in Matt.4. He said to Jesus that he should throw Himself down from the pinnacle of the temple and referred to psalm 91:11-12. We read there that the angels should bear Him up lest He should dash His foot against a stone. Jesus answered him with another word. “You shall not tempt the Lord your God.” (Deut.6:16)

I will mention a few things that are happening in these days. There is a great hate and resistance against the state of Israel and Jews have been killed in millions. TERRIBLE.

They have also been accused of killing Jesus and many other things. We are told in the Bible to bless the children of God and pray for peace for Jerusalem. That is biblical, but now there are Christians that identify so much with the Jews that they are living as Jews. They are moving away from Jesus and the the Jewish traditions are the most important. They say that Jesus was a Jew and He went to the temple. I have to remind them that the church was born on Pentecost. I will soon go to Israel and I look very much forward to that. I want to learn a few words in Hebrew and learn a couple of their dances, but I am a Christian and I have received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I would be lost without Him. These groups live in the old covenant. That is a deception. JESUS CAME TO FULLFILL THE LAW AND WE SHOULD USE THE WHOLE BIBLE AND THANK JESUS FOR WHAT HE DID ON THE CROSS.

Others are only living in what happened after the Cross. Everything before the Ressuretion is not important to us to-day. The Lord’s Prayer can become legalistic. We do not have to confess sins since Jesus carried all our sins on the Cross. I have to remind you of 1.John 1:9. It says that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I am aware of the fact that we can read in 1.John 3:9 that whoever is born of God does not sin. You can turn to the teaching on spirit, soul and body. There I explain that we cannot sin in our spirit, but in our soul and body. These people emphasize the grace. Everything is grace. It is true that we are saved by grace and not by deeds. Martin Luther renewed the truth that we are saved by faith and not by our deeds. A wrong teaching about grace is to-day spreading all over the world. Maybe because a lot of condemnation has existed in the Body of Christ. Grace is good, but it becomes very wrong when one takes away the old Testament and the teaching of Jesus before the Ressurection. I have seen a lot of people that have started to live a carnal and wordly life after this teaching. It might not have been the intension, but the unfortunate result. The devil knew this and he laughs. I will strongly warn you to overemphasize only one truth in the Bible. The road towards sectariaisme is short. “It is only this truth that is important and correct.” The Spirit of God has brought alive certain truths at certain times, but not in order to exlude the others. It is to remind us of something we had forgotten. The Pentecosts started by emphasizing the Holy Spirit. Then came a charismatic movement, emphasizing the gifts of the Spirit. The “faith churches” are emphasizing to live in faith. Others are emphasizing prophesies. You can attend a prophetic school, but this is only a school as any other school, not a congregation. WE HAVE ALL DIFFERENT CALLINGS AND SHOULD DO DIFFERENT THINGS, BUT BE SURE THAT YOU ATTEND A CHURCH WHERE THE WHOLE BIBLE IS TAUGHT.

God has created us as beings with a spiritual longing. Some people try do deny that, but we can sense that many are longing for a spiritual experience. As Christians we are also open for that. That can become a dangerous temptation. I see that more and more are seeking the experience and are not asking where the experience come from. Many are attending a meeting in order to get a spiritual kick. They might listen to the preaching with half an ear since they are only waiting for the happenings afterwards. I watch Christian television and a lot is fantastic, but now and then I get sad. The preacher might preach the Word of God, but afterward it gets to be a great chaos. I see the Holy Spirit in action, but also other spirits, the flesh of people and their lust for attention. I am fully aware of the fact that the Holy Spirit can do things that are hard to explain. I have myself experienced things that more conservative people would react to, but it has to be the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will allow people to lay on the floor while He operates the person, maybe on a very deep level. When a surgeon operates, the person gets anasthesia. Evil spirits will often manifest themselves under the flow of the Holy Spirit. The purpose is to deliver people. It is very sad when nobody helps them to be delivered, but encourage the manifestations and believe that these are coming from God. I pray that Christian leaders will be given the gift of discernment. I recently heard about a woman who had attended a huge conference and when the leader prayed for her, she stared shaking in a special way and strange sounds came out of her.(not the sound of tongues) She continued to do this as soon as the name of Jesus was mentioned. She was lucky since she met people who could set her free. Be careful when you ask people to lay hands on you. When I pray for somebody, the purpose is to transmit the power and healing of God. If I should pray that you should get certain manifestations, run. WE SHOULD NEVER SEEK THE EXPERIENCE, BUT HE WHO IS OUR SAVIOUR. HE CAN GIVE US EXPERIENCES, BUT FOR A PURPOSE. SEEK JESUS! We should be with Him and in the Word. Many talk about praise and worship as a mean to get goosy. It is wonderful to praise and worship the King of kings, but these songs are written to Him and not for us. We are not to be worshipped. If we are concentrating on ourselves all the time, we can easily be deceived and trapped into temptations. It is very hard to deceive you when your focus is on Jesus.

Easter is around the corner. This is an excellent time to thank Jesus for His death and ressurrection.

BLESSED EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother Else