Whatever you do, shall prosper

15th of January

This is a fantastic promise that we can read in psalm one. I do not know if your life always has been a success, but my life has not been like that. I have started things without getting the desired results. That has led to disappointments, grief and sometimes despairs. Sometimes I have accused God and been angry at Him. That is naturally unjust and I had to ask Him for forgiveness. When one doesn’t prosper, one can get discouraged and might lose one’s self-esteem. One might ask oneself: “Do I dare to start another project? The feelings and the thoughts can be many.

We are still in the beginning of a new year and God has dealt with old disappointments in my life. They became like old yeast and that yeast is not going to hinder me in doing what God has for me in the new year. His plans for me shall succeed this year. God showed me how my parents had failed in certain areas of their lives. He also pointed at certain failures of my grand-parents, but in the name of Jesus I have authority to break the curses that run in generations. I have written earlier that we should resist everything that is not in accordance with the Word of God. To fail goes against the promise we have in psalm one. It does not say that we should harvest as soon as we have sown. All pregnancies take time and all the things that we sow into the earth will take time before we see the desired result. In my country the seeds are covered with snow and ice, and it looks like nothing happens, but when the spring comes, the seed comes forth with all the desired results. I have experienced this for so many years and nobody can make me doubt this fact. When you have sown seeds in faith and seeds that have life in them, you can be sure that you will see fruits. You cannot say maybe, but you must expect a harvest and you can thank Him for the harvest that is on its way.

You should read the first verses of psalm one. They describe the life of a righteous man. They say that we should not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the paths of sinners. We should not be scornful, but delight in the law of the Lord and meditate on it day and night. To me it looks like these things are suppositions for a prosperous life. I believe that both you and I have missed some of these points occasionally, maybe even often. Generational curses are therefore not the sole reason for lack of success.

When it says that we should meditate on the Word day and night, it does not mean that we should avoid sleeping. But the Word can be active even in our dreams. I sometimes use the Word of God in my dreams, but sometimes I solve problems in a total human way. I seriously believe that the more I fill myself with the living Word, the more it will work even when I sleep.

by the waters, spreading out the roots by the river. That tree will always have green leaves and not be anxious when the drought comes. One of the first things that God told Adam and Eve was that they should be fruitful. God is for fruitfulness and He wants us to prosper.

When we sow destructive seeds, He will naturally not bless that. Last summer we had a tragedy in Norway. A terrorist bombed the quarter of the government and killed many young people who attended a political camp. He had planned this for many years and I can assure you that God did not support this man in succeeding the way he did. God is life and creates life.

When we start something, we should ask ourselves for the motives behind the project. Do we want to bless others or do we have selfish motives or even motives that can lead to destruction for others? It might not be as destructive as last summer in Norway, but will others suffer economical loss in order for me to live in luxury. God wants our economy to prosper, but He does not want others to suffer on our behalf. Devine projects will often bless many. The Bible does not say that money is evil, but the love for them is. The Bible says that we should have enough for all good deeds. That might mean that we need a lot. I have often paid my mission trips alone and I have never begged people for money. God is my Provider.

I had wanted to warn against unrealism, but I understood that I brought myself into difficult “waters” then. A lot of what we start in faith, is actually unrealistic. When we moved to Sweden, I had not sold my house in Norway yet. I had no work in Sweden nor did I have money to pay the transportation company, but God spoke to a relative to give me money and I got a loan till the house was sold. We also had favor in getting a place to live. Last summer my oldest daughter waited all summer in faith for a new job and a place to live. Her faith was really tested, but all of a sudden she got both in such a miraculous way that we know that God is behind it and it became a sign of His goodness and mercy. In both these cases God had spoken about moving. What He says, shall come to pass even if we have to wait for some time.

I have several times heard young people saying that they live by faith, but they refuse to pay their rent and other bills. They have a funny look on their face when I refuse to pay their bills. God pays what He has ordered.They have either started something on their own without the consent of God or lacking the suppositions. (Go back to psalm one)

If you are a parent, you become happy if your children succeed. I become very happy then. God is our daddy and He wants us to succeed in all areas of our life. He wants you to be satisfied if you choose a secular job or if you follow the calling for ministry. I frequently meet people who think life is boring or even difficult. When I ask them about their jobs, they might often say that they are not satisfied with their work. Some people feel that they cannot use their abilities at work. Others are complaining about the atmosphere. Only a few complain about their wages .A few work only for money, and their motives are totally wrong then. Ask ttGod for His help in choosing occupation and work. He has the solutions.

Others are choosing wrong partners and after some time they get divorced. That is not the will of God for us. He wants us to seek Him and take Him with us in big decisions as well as in small every day decisions.Relationships are never easy, but God is good in family therapy. He is also free of charge.

Have you planned to reduce weight or to start exercising in 2012? If this is a real need, God will help you to succeed. Take Him with you in setting the goals. Don’t make too big jumps at a time. God wants you to reach the desired goals.

In 3.John1:2 we read: “Beloved, I pray that you prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” Our “daddy” really wants the best for us. Sometimes we have to suffer for the sake of our faith, but many other sufferings including sickness are not from God. Proclaim daily the Word of God about health over you if you are sick. The Word is powerful. Believe and expect that you will become well during this year.

We read in Isaiah 54:17 that no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper. That is God’s perfect will for us. We therefore have to resist the devil and he will flee from us.



Mother Else