What is God doing in these days?

15th of September

I can only write about what I sense in my spirit and what I see. You live in other places and you might see other things than I do, but I do believe that He does similar things all over the world. Some of you might react to the headline and you might say: “I see so many tragedies and so much of the devil’s doing and I really can’t see what God is doing.” That is your problem. I am quite sure that we live in the end-times. I do not know when Jesus is coming back and I do not know how near we are and I certainly do not know when all the prophecies will come to pass, but we do live at the end of this era. The Bible is full of prophecies about these events, but others know how to interpret these much better than I do. I keep to what I see and sense.

There is a great activity in the spiritual realm and it is quite obvious for both believers and

non-believers. A lot of people do not understand what it is, but many are shocked by all the disasters in nature, wars and evil doings performed by human beings. I do believe that this will increase even if I hope that I am wrong. If we keep our attention mainly on these events and think only on these things, we might become very depressed. I am not saying that we should ignore them, but we have to lift our eyes and see what the Lord is doing. That will fill us with joy and we get new power and can start a fresh.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the word: restoration. I have earlier written about the restoration of the church and that God wants to restore the last church to be like the first one, but much stronger. I see clear signs of this where I live now. People are gathering in the homes and they are seeking the full gospel. When new church societies have started before, they have emphasized one truth from the Bible, but now I feel that people are desperate for the whole truth. I see that clearly where I live. Before people might have emphasized the importance of studying the Word of God, but they might not have been seeking His presence and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. That might cause a dry atmosphere. Others have been seeking experiences, signs and wonders and this might lead in a wrong direction if it isn’t founded on the Word of God. We have to seek His presence, His Word and those signs that follow those who believe. It is so important with both. All the truths in the Word of God are being restored.

Another thing that is happening is that the woman is re-established to her right position in Christ. Women have been oppressed in Muslim countries, but she has also been suppressed in many Christian churches. Many Christian men have misinterpreted and misused the words written by the apostle Paul and some of them have not been loving husbands. They have suppressed their wives. The Galatians 3:28 says that we are one in Christ and it is therefore absolutely necessary that the women get allowance to use all what God has given her. Many men have stolen from God and refused the women their legal right to use what God has given them. That is theft and has stopped the Body of Christ to function in its full potential. There are men that see this and some of them have officially asked for forgiveness for the sin of men towards women. If you as a woman is suppressed by your pastor, ask God to show you another church where you are allowed to use your gifts. We cannot neglect using the gifts that God has given us. The Bible points to different order in the church, but that is another subject. There are also women who are standing up for their rights in their country. Three women got the Nobel’s Peace Prize in Norway. Two of them were Christian and one was Muslim. God does not create feminism, but wants to restore her dignity.

God restores individuals, families and groups. I am doing counseling and can clearly see how God wants to heal and purify individuals and raise them up to their full potential. Quite a few people are doing this all over the world. The things that earlier took a long time, can be done much quicker to-day. This is partly because He is coming soon and He needs everyone to be prepared for the revival that is ahead of us. His vessels need to be as holy and pure as possible. I have also seen how God has taken tribes and other groups and given them a faith in Him and also in themselves.

I have never had as many couples in counseling as now. The devil is not going to have the last word when it comes to divorce. God repairs what is broken. In order for Him to do that, He must find people who are willing.

God also restores the fivefold ministry.

It is not common to talk about apostles and prophets in certain church societies, but these ministries are renewed in the Body of Christ to-day. These two are working together in some countries and I believe that is very healthy. If one is only focusing on the teaching, one can miss out on what the Spirit is doing and if the prophet is operating alone, he is running a risk of being led by visions and dreams and he can be led by emotions more than the Word of God.

The Spirit is collecting people from many different churches to-day.

I have earlier written that I am not for unity at any price, but on those that are founded on the Cross and what Jesus did there.

Jesus gave us the command to go out and spread the gospel and make disciples. We are to-day doing this by using tools as the radio and television. The gospel is preached and one is collecting money for humanitarian aids. Before one went to another country and stayed there for the rest of their lives, but to-day we can do mission short term and long term. There are still many unreached folk-groups and the Lord wants us to reach these. Jesus cannot return before everybody has heard the gospel about Jesus.

The most important thing is that people get saved and become the children of God. I have recently heard about great campaigns in many different countries and they have been led by different evangelists and preachers. Many of these campaigns have taken place in Muslim countries. If God hadn’t confirmed His Word by signs and wonders, many of these servants of God, would have been killed. When a close relative of a chief officer or an Imam get healed, they get protected and get an allowance to continue. Thousands get saved and healed. Revival has started all over the world.

God is pouring out His Spirit in these days.

It has just started in Scandinavia, but when people sincerely seek Him for what He is, He will come and supernatural things will happen. People will cry over their sins, they will be delivered, healed and signs and wonders will happen. People will admire the Lord and seek His presence. I believe that people will come where the presence of the Lord is. One doesn’t need huge advertisements then. The Spirit of the Lord will draw people to Jesus. One will not ask about the time then. One doesn’t want to get out of His presence.

The Lord is preparing His people for eternity.

I have never seen so much teaching about heaven and hell as right now. God is revealing this to some living people and to some who die and return to earth. These revelations are in one accord. God wants us to know that we have a choice and what the choices are. I believe that many have come to hell because they have not understood the truth and most of all because they have not known Him who is the Truth.


Mother Else