What are you looking for, part 1?

15th of October

Part 1

I was earlier writing about our focus. These sermons belong together. It is a fact that WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR, WE GIVE OUR ATTENTION TO.

Many men and women in all ages are seeking for a partner. I am not talking about a casual sex-partner, but about Christians who are looking for life-partners. Almost every single brings up the subject of their longing for a person to share their life with. They might talk about their sorrow and frustrations. A lot of bitterness might be harboured and often an anger against God. Why has He not answered their prayers? I have talked to people who are sitting idle and are not mingling with other people. They pray and pray. I sometimes wonder if they think that their partner comes through the pipe or stands outside their door saying: Hello, here I am.” Others are running from one church to another or joining many kinds of activities. Other are sitting in front of the computer, chatting for hours or looking at different web-sites. I am not saying that these things are wrong. It is of vital importance to pray and I know of couples who are happily married and they met through a computer. It is also good to meet each other in the church, actually the normal thing. I am just asking: “How much of your time and energy goes to this?” For some people it becomes like a possession. Quite a few people come into a meeting and their head is twisting to the right and to the left, looking at the right or left hand of the men and woman in the suitable agegroup. Do they have an engagement ring on their finger? I know that some of my readers come from countries where a marriage is arranged, so you must have me exused. I know by own experience that it is difficult to be alone so I do not want to minimize nor ridicule the problem. I do believe that the devil sees a problem or a lack in your life and he blows it up to a big balloon and it becomes a big mountain that takes all your time and energy. Pinch the balloon and you will see that the life exists of a lot of other things too. HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOUR REAL BRIDEGROOM? HE IS LONGING FOR YOU WITH GREAT PASSION.

We read in Matt.6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” I really believe this. I do believe that if I spend time with God and feed myself with the Word of God, everything else will fall in place. Do I believe this? The key word is BELIEF. If I only read out of religious duty, I do not expect an answer. I might question myself: “Is this really for me?”

God knows that we have problems in the world. Jesus was tested in everything. HE KNOWS. The next verse proves that. It says: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” That proves that God wants us to live here and now. Many are living either in the past or in the future, but they forget that TO-DAY IS THE THE DAY OF GRACE, TO-DAY HE IS TO BE FOUND.

What are you looking for to-day?

In many countries they are looking for their daily bread. In some places this is a major problem. Some of them have not learned to pray: ” Father, give us to-day our daily bread.”

Those of us who know how to pray this prayer can seek our Heavenly Father for our daily bread. We are not first and foremost seeking the bread nor the rice, but the PROVIDER. We are having a covenant with God because of the Blood of Jesus and one of the Covenant names is: Provider. WE ARE SO OFTEN SEEKING TO FULFILL OUR NEEDS OURSELVES, BUT DO NOT SEEK HIM WHO HAS PROMISED TO SUPPLY ALL OUR NEEDS IN GLORY. (Phil.4:19) Some of you might ask: “How will it happen?” My most honest answer is: “I do not know. The only thing i can do is to trust the Word and without faith I cannot please God. The Word does not say that I should lay on the couch and do nothing. We can read about daily manna from Heaven in the Old Covenant and God can do the same miracles where needed to-day, but the normal thing is to work.

Many, many people are sick both within and outside the Body of Christ. When a preacher asks if there is anyone sick, about 2/3 of the people raise their hand. this is the same all over the world. One can certainly say that the Body of Christ does not live in devine health, neither physically nor mentally. All forms of sickness causes distress and can be more or less painful. This easily steals our attention. The more pain, the more desperate we get. One uses a lot of moneu on doctors and medicine. Others look for alternative medicine. That can become very costly. Lots of energy and money are used in order to prevent sickness and in order to get well. Some sickness can be cured by treatment, operation and medicines. Others not. I am not against neither doctors nor medicines. On the contrary, I thank God for them and bless them.

I am not always happy for the alternative medicine since many of the treatments have an occult root. Some Christians deny that and I have asked some if I can pray for them and they will rather go to the alternative medicine. They might even become angry. Others are open for both.

God has created us. He knows how we funtion and how we ought to function. One of His Covenant names is: I AM THE LORD, YOUR HEALER. (Ex.15:26) He does not need to study for years in order to learn about the body, nor the soul. He is the perfect doctor both in medicine. He is a surgeon, gynaecologist, psychiatrist etc. Why do we not go to the Lord as our doctor? Jesus carried our sicknesses on the Cross and by His stripes we are healed. You can several places read that you should lay hands on the sick and they will be healed. (Mark 16:18) There is no questionmark. I can not explain why everybody does not get well or why we have to wait some times, but that is not the subject now. WHEN YOU GET SICK, SEEK HIM AS YOUR DOCTOR FIRST.

My next question is: DO YOU SEEK THE HEALING BEFORE YOU SEEK THE HEALER? When you come to a meeting, do you seek to be healed or to meet the Healer? I know that this is a difficult question, but chew on it. The Bible says that we first should seek the healer, then the healing will come. I was personally healed once when I was praising God. I was so involved in Him that I forgot myself and all of a sudden I discovered that I was healed. I was worshipping Him and involved in Him and the healing came as a bonus. ALL PRAISE AND HONOR GOES TO THE LORD.

We might also suffer from depression and different fears. The Lord also wants to be the Doctor of our soul.(Ref. to the beginning where I write about the spirit, soul and body.)He knows about the root of our problems and HE IS AND HAS THE SOLUTION.

SEEK THE LORD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AND HE WILL CHANGE THE CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother Else