We will have to dress and undress in the year of 2009, part 2!

15th of February

Part 2

I said last time that we had to get rid of the sin that so easily ensnares us. I mentioned sexual sins, but also our lack of passion for Christ. That is often caused by egoism. I mentioned fear, worrries and disbelief and called them sins. The last thing I wrote about was materialism. It wasn’t sinful to have money, but we should not worship them nor allow them to own us.

What is one of the names of the devil? The Father of Lies. I do want us to undress all forms of LYING,FALSENESS and HYPOCRISY IN THE YEAR OF 2009.

I do know of Christian leaders who are lying all the time without thinking about it. It seems as they do it automatically. In some countries lying is so common that it becomes a life-style, even among Christians. When I visit these countries I preach against lying and mention examples. Then they wake up to the fact that they are actually lying. Some are driven by the spirit of lies. We are often lying in order to cover our own short comings or to give a better image of ourselves. We might add a little to a story or exaggerate the facts in order to make the story more interesting. Some evangelists manipulate pictures in order to pretend that they do things that they are not doing or exaggerate numbers in order to get more money for their work. It is not wrong to collect money, but how? Lying is sinful even if it is a small exaggeration. TO LIE IS THE SAME AS TO COMMIT A SIN AND HAS TO BE CONFESSED. It binds us and will eventually put us in bondage. I want you to undress lying and cloth yourself in TRUTH. If you are a Christian, you have the spirit of Truth inside of you. You can ask the Holy Spirit for help and He will reveal lies in your life and help you to speak the Truth. I want you to be free and I can assure you a more happy life if you lay aside the lies. Do you want to be called a boaster?

Falseness and Hypocrisy are often walking together. Sometimes they are very obvious, but sometimes it is difficult to know the real from the false. When we go shopping, we can often see that the cashier is checking the note in order to be sure it is real. They must look very much alike since they look for a special sign in order to verify the true identity.

Lots of marriages are broken or destroyed since it is difficult to reveal the real from the false.

One might show one side before marriage and another one after marriage. Many psychopats will not show their real nature before marriage and the other part has promised to love for better and for worse. The result can be a catastrophy. I do recommend you to know your partner well before you get married and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the Truth.

Salesmen can be true or they can get us in great trouble no matter on what level we meet them. I could personally not become a saleswoman. I would have to believe a great deal in the product and the only product I could sell is Jesus. He keeps what He promises.

Many people are living behind different masks. We are usually hiding there in order for people to like us. It can be all from putting on a lot of make up and taking cosmetic operations to a godly behaviour in church. Outside the church walls you live a wordly life. I have a very hard time understanding how one can lift ones hands, praising God on Sunday, and commit adultery on Monday. It happens more often than we want to think. This is really hypocrisy in my eyes.

Others are living as a camelon. They are changing coulers depending on the people they are with. They want to be loved by everybody. Who are they really? What is real? I could write many pages about the psychological mechanisms of defence, but a few lines will do for the time being. Jesus is and was REAL. We are supposed to follow His example. Allow yourself to be real in the year of 2009.Stop putting on a false smile when you really are crying. Allow negative aspects to come into light. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you in getting rid of them and BECOME MORE LIKE THE REAL JESUS!


We should first and foremost be faithful to GOD AND HIS WORD. That means that we cannot only be hearing the Word, but be doers of the Word. When we get an order at work, we very seldom ignore that. We could get fired then. God has much more mercy. He knows that His children can be obedient and that’s why HE SENT HIS SON TO ATONE FOR ALL OF OUR DISOBEDIENCE. Faithfulness and Obedience are connected. Did you make Jesus your Lord? That has been the most important choice I ever made and I did that in 1976. I have had many difficulties in my life during these years, but I can still say that this was my best decision. I want to be faithful to the Lord as far as I “see. I cannot say that I always succeed, but it is my earnest desire and goal to do so. I often ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and ask Him to show me what I should say and do. I am always doing that when I write to you.


We should also be faithful to our spouse. When I say that, you might think that I warn you against sexual infidelity, but I think much wider than that. How about your hobbies and friends? Do they consume your thinking and time more than your spouse? How do you talk about your spouse to your friends? You are allowed to seriously confide in one, but not to spread a bad image around in a wide circle. Do you look at your spouse as your better half? Do you make serious decisions without talking with your spouse?

We should also be faithful to our employer. Are you coming to work in time? Are you stealing time or small things from your boss? This is considered to almost be a hobby in some countries. Are you loyal to your employer? I do believe we have a right to question certain wrong decisions, but do it to the person in charge.

Are you faithful to the congregation where you are a member? Do you consider it to be your spiritual family? Do you take your responsibility? Everybody can do something. If you feel that you cannot be faithful to your church, find another one where you can give yourself fully.


Are you faithful to your parents? The Bible says that children should obey their parents. I am not saying that you cannot have your own opinion, but as long as you live at home you must listen to your parents.

Are you parents faithful to your children? You have been given a responsibility to love your children and to give them everything they need(not desire). You should also teach them a healthy respect for God and to be real.

We should also be a faithful friend. We do not need a lot of friends. I know a lot of people, but I would not call all of them friends. Friendship is a realtionship of giving and taking. It is a relationship where I need no mask and can be myself. If I do not spend some time with them, I am no good friend.( I am not talking about friends living far away.)



Mother Else