The Woman, part 3

15th of April

Part 3.


God showed me a long time ago how He thought when He created and formed us as man and woman. He also showed me how the devil had come to pervert the roles. Today he goes even further and he tries to wipe our the roles.

God created the man first. Physically he was created to take INITIATIVE in order to get children. If he is passive, there will be no intercourse, and no children. The man carries the seed of life and she is the receiver of it. A woman can get pregnant without doing much. Rape is a bad example of this. In a god-given relationship it is the best if she is active in receiving the love from her husband. There will never be a child without the seed of a man and the receiving from a woman. He gives life and she receives the life that will be formed inside her womb.

The man is created to love. Paul compares him with Jesus. The husband should love his wife every day and in all circumstances and he should love his wife when they have an intimate love-relationship. LOVE CREATES LOVE. When her husband loves his wife, it is important that she receives and cherish his love. No one likes his gift to be rejected or thrown away.

The love between a man and a woman is compared with the love between Christ and the Bride. Christ gave Himself for us human beings, but we have to receive Him and accept Him as the sacrifice for our sins in order to enter the Blood-Covenant with God – Our Creator. When we do that, we become the children of God and we get the same rights as Jesus, His Son has.

Intercourse is also a blood – relationship between a man and a woman. They become ONE. God did not intend for us to be one with many men, but One. Most of us do not understand the depth of the blood-covenant between a man and a woman. Neither do we understand the depth of the Blood-Covenant we have with God. Both blood – covenants are build on an enormous love.


The Bible talks a lot about being thankful. If one is thankful, one wishes to make the other person happy and to show that I am thankful for the gift given. Christ has given all to the Bride and the Bride wants to please the Bridegroom by showing Thankfulness. It is’nt always so in reality. Many are taking the gifts from God as granted and many cannot receive the love from her husband. Maybe she was wounded as a child or maybe she had some other bad experiences. In some cases it can be caused by mere selfishness. “The more you get, the more you want.” The same things go for a man, but right now, I write to and for women.

In the beginning of history, the man was called to be the PROVIDER for the family. He was hunting, fishing and cultivating the earth. I have to be quick to say that I am not against a woman who is working outside her family. Still, we have to remember that she is created to carry the life of a child in her own body and she is created for giving nourishment to the baby.

The man is created to give life to a baby. He is created to PROTECT the woman. Quite a lot of women say that they can take care of themselves. This might be said with quite a lot of pride. I know that God has taken care of me in several situations, but I have also experienced that He has used men. God has created a man to protect the woman. Many women are saying that they are longing for a man to hold his arms around her. Is’nt that a way of protecting? I know that some of you would like to discuss this, and that is O.K. We do not like to be called the weaker sex. I DO BELEIVE THAT WE ARE CREATED AS STRONG AND WEAK IN DIFFERENT WAYS.

God has created the woman to protect the life that the man has planted within her. She is carrying this life for nine months. She is following the development from day to day and she is getting a special relationship to the child within her. She might pat her stomach and sing for the child or talk to it.

Some woman will stop to smoke or drink alcohol. She might be extra careful in order to protect her child. Everything she does might show their close relationship.

As Christians, we should be pregnant all the time, both men and women. How is that possible? We should carry a seed of a new spiritual child. This seed should be prayed for and be given nourishment. One day the fetus is ready to be born. The person we have prayed for will choose Jesus as his or her Lord and Savior. It will no longer be carried and given nourishment, but must start to take responsibility for their own new life. You do not just leave a newly born spiritual baby. You do not leave a new born baby on the street either.

It can be painful to give birth to a baby, but the joy is tremendous once the baby is out of the mother’s womb. I would like every new-born baby to become a citizen of Heaven. God has created us as eternal beings.

A newly born baby is totally helpless and dependant on others. God has created the body of the woman to protect the growing fetus, but also to give nourishment to the new baby. She is producing milk in her breasts and this milk is the most healthy food the baby can get during the first weeks and months of its life. I am so amazed by the way God has planned every little detail. The woman does’nt have this milk before the child is a reality. The relationship between the mother and child is very close during these first weeks. A father and other male figures can help to change diapers and give the child a bath, but only the mother can feed the child. The child becomes very dependant on the mother and for how long depends on each woman and where you live. In India they breast-feed until three to four years.

As the child grows, more and more people will come into its life.

I do believe that God has created us women with a caring nature. One reason is that God has created us as mothers. As mothers we take care of the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of our child. We are not alone to bring up our children. The father should more and more participate in bringing up the child. They should both raise them and give them love.

Children are a blessing from God and they are our future. How we raise them when they are small, will influence the rest of their lives. We must not look at the children and think that they are in our way or a burden. No, they are a blessing. God is saying that we should become as small children so do not try to let your children grow up as fast as possible. To become independent is something else.

Sometimes we see that mothers should be the ones to be “kind” and do the cuddling. The fathers are the ones to discipline them and set the limits. I do not believe in this. I believe that a good mother should set the limits and a good father should also be loving and “kind”. He is a role-model for his boys and for the future husband of his girls. The mother is a role-model for her girls and for the future wife of her sons.

The relationship between the mother and father is crucial for the harmony of their children and their relationship to their Heavenly Father lays the foundation for the future of their children.


GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother Else