The Kingdom of God, part 4

15th of September

Part 4

I started last time by saying that we should bring His kingdom down to earth. Only Christians can do that by the help of the Holy Spirit. Jesus, Himself, is in Heaven so we as Christians have to show the world Jesus. The picture they get of Jesus, is the picture they get from us. I have often heard people say: “I do not want to become a Christian if I have to become like this person or that person.” DO NON-CHRISTIANS WANT TO BECOME LIKE YOU AND ME? Jesus should be something that attracts people. I am not saying popular. I have heard people who have talked about Jesus as they would talk about a film idol. They do not mention suffering and they would hardly mention sin. That does not give a right picture of Jesus. If we do not talk about sin, there is very little reason for coming to Jesus. We are coming to Jesus in order for Him to take away our sins and wash us in His blood. He is our Savior. It is not always so popular to talk about us as sinners, but it should be very popular to talk about the Savior of our sins. We as Christians have to present the basic problem in the world and the solution for it. The main problem is not pollution and cracks in the ozonic layer. Poverty is not the main problem either, BUT SIN. I have personally seen people being economically blessed after they got saved and countries turning from poverty to a healthy economy. JESUS HAS A SOLUTION FOR EVERYTHING WHEN WE TURN TO HIM.

He broke all the curses on the Cross. I believe that poverty is a curse and far from a blessing. When people get saved and are taught about the promises of God and His blessings, everything in their lives can change. God cares for both spirit, soul and body.

I believe in helping people in critical situations, but it is even better to teach people about Jesus for their every-day living. I am impressed when I see people go into areas of war and famine and some people, both Christians and secular people do a fantastic job. But I am more impressed when people can teach about Jesus in such a way that people will learn to live without war and famine. It is only Jesus and the Word of God that is and has the solution and the preventive medicine. I believe we should come with practical and economical help, but if we do not preach the Gospel, the help will not be permanent. We cannot preach to people who are almost dying of hunger. WE BRING THE KINGDOM OF GOD DOWN TO EARTH BY HELPING IN PRACTICAL WAYS AS WELL AS TO PREACH THE GOSPEL. I could mention the names of many missionaries who have done this and they have changed nations. People have seen Jesus in them and will become like Him.

Now we have been to other countries, but I want to bring you back to your own country.

How can you bring the Kingdom of God to your own nation?

I refer to 1.Tim.2:1+2. “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.”

OUR PRAYERS DETERMINE THE SITUATION OF THE COUNTRY. Many are those who complain about the situation in the country, but how many pray? In Norway we have a king. We have a parliament and a government. I other countries it might be different. In any case, we should pray. We shall pray for those who rule our country. They need protection and a lot of wisdom. It would be wonderful if they could meet the Lord. We should pray for the military and the law of court. We want to have peace in the country and just sentences. We can become very selfish and we pray only for the pains in the knee, and forget to pray for the situation of the land. We Christians are the decisive factors.

I believe in Christian politicians. I do believe we can change the country by getting involved in politics. The more Christian politicians that we have, the more of God’s Kingdom will come to the nation. The Christian politicians have to be careful. They are not here to promote themselves through a certain party, but they are chosen to bring down the Kingdom of God. They should be competent in order for people to listen and take them seriously. They have THE WISDOM HIMSELF living inside of them. I believe that the Holy Spirit can speak through them in both a natural and supernatural way.

We Christians allow evil to flourish around the world. Very few protest against ungodly laws, pornography on television, persecution of other sisters and brothers etc. A very few are so eager to tell what they are against that they forget to tell about the One, they are for. I have just come back from India when I write this. There is an increasing persecution of Christians right now. God spoke to me and I pray that God should raise up the Body of Christ and especially some strong leaders that can promote the right to be a Christian in a democratic country. I do not believe that Jesus wants to come back to a sleeping Body. I believe that He want the Body to be like an active Giant. I am thinking about the Muslim-world. If something happens to a Muslim, all the Muslims react. I think that we Christians have something to learn from them. We have a tendency to close our eyes and pretend that it is of no concern to us. THE WORD OF GOD SAYS THAT WHEN ONE PART SUFFERS, THE WHOLE BODY SUFFERS. If you ever have had a hurting toe, you know what I talk about.

I believe that Christians should be everywhere in the society. We should be in schools and nurseries, in the hospitals, offices, in industry and business. In other words: Everywhere.

We should influence individuals as well as the whole environment. Christian teachers sow into the next generation. I have met doctors who practice their knowledge as well as their faith. They pray and believe more in the power of God than their knowledge. They can testify about healings and how the healing-process has been helped by prayers.

The family is the base for the Kingdom of God here on earth. It is here that we are tested

in our walk with God. It is here that we have our closest relationships. It is here where the base of values are built for our children. If the Christian families live according to the Word of God and practice love and forgiveness, it will affect everything we touch, our friends, jobs and the whole society. The devil knows this and he is therefore eager to destroy families. Be aware of this and protect your family in prayer.

The last point that I want to mention is the church, the local congregation. This is the spiritual home of each Christian and should play an influential role in the place or in the country where God has placed it. If it does not have any influence, it has lost its power and has become introvert. I belong to a church there the police asks the church to help in certain situations. Then it has gotten a role to play in the society.


GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother Else