The Family, part 1!

1st of September

I am going to write about the core family, but might even mention God’s family, the enormous one.

The devil is attacking the family more than ever before. He knows that the family is important and does whatever he can in order to destroy the relationship between man and woman. He is thereby creating problems for the children growing up. The devil is also wiping out the conception of a mother, father with one or more children. I do not say that this is common, but in many countries homosexuals can get children.

What does the Bible say?

In Genesis one we read that God created them in His image to male and female. In verse 28 we read: “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it.” In Gen.2:24 it says that a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. It is interesting that we already here can read that the man should leave his parents since Adam didn’t have a biological mother and father. This was therefore a principle that God wanted to emphasize. He also emphasized that the man and the woman should become one flesh. We are different, but should fulfill each other. He has sperms with life in them and she has eggs to receive the life. When they meet and the core is planted in her uterus, a new child is coming forth. This is God’s way. Some of you might say that I should understand that we have so many homosexuals and they should also have a right to become parents. The Bible mentions homosexuality both in the old and the new Testament, but as sin. We do not have more than two per cent. I want to assure you that both God and I love them, but God has not created them as such, but He wants to help them. (That is another theme)

Children are a blessing. I refer to psalm 127:3 where we read that children are a heritage from the Lord. The fruit of the womb is a reward. In Deut.28:4 we read: “Blessed shall be the fruit of your body, the produce of your ground and the increase of your herds, the increase of your cattle and the offspring of your flocks.”

The Bible mentions many women who were barren. They became very sad. The same thing happens to-day. I have prayed for many couples who could not receive a child and I know as a fact that some of them have become pregnant afterwards. I have also heard of many other miracle-babies.

I asked God once if He wanted us to have as many children as possible and He said that each couple was free to choose, but they should never forget that children are a blessing and no curse. Every born child is valuable and they should grow up under the best circumstances. The reality is unfortunately different. Many children live in poverty, maybe without a mother and father. In some countries there is a war going on and the children suffer both mentally and physically. God loves children and He said to His disciples: ” Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”(Matt.19:14) If the devil hadn’t been the ruler of this earth and so many had followed their own evil desires, children could have been raised up in a good environment with loving parents.

Many children grow up in families where one or both parents misuse alcohol or another drug. Both alcohol and drugs influence our personality and behavior and many children are beaten or watch their mother being beaten. Quarrelling is quite common both with and without alcohol. The parents should be the first security for a child, but when they fail, their foundation is shaken or destroyed. What happens when these children grow up? They might become like their parents or suffer psychologically. Some might not be able to get close relationships. They haven’t learned to trust anyone. Both non-believers and Christians can tell “sunshine” stories about a happy ending and I have heard testimonies from children who have met healthy Christians who could show them the way to Jesus and they met a friend and someone they could trust for life.

There are more divorces to-day than ever before. Sometimes it is better for the children and everybody that the mother and father depart, but far more should have asked for help to work through the difficulties. Many children feel guilty after a divorce and many enter a crisis of loyalty. Should they take the side of the mother or the father? They will often be thrown between one and the other and they might feel rejected. Where should they live? Maybe they have to move away from friends. Some live half of the time with the father and half of the time with the mother. It might function, but quite a few become restless. To-day we live in a time when the time is short before they find a new partner. It is quite common with my children, your children and our children. It might create a situation of jealousy and insecurity. “Am I really loved?” I do not want to condemn you who are in a situation like this and you do your best, but many parents are wounded themselves and wounds create wounds. You need to be healed and complete yourself in order to give unconditional love. I have prayed for many who need a Father Who stands there with open arms saying: “Come to Me and I will love you and heal you.” Luke 15 is often used a an example for the love of God. The father stood waiting for his son who had used his entire inheritance and had lived in all kinds of sin. He ordered a great feast and there is also great joy in Heaven when a sinner returns to his Father. Heaven is our home.

I Genesis we read that the man should keep to his wife. To-day there is a trend of not getting married. This is also so among some so-called Christians. They just move together and live as they were married. A few live together all their life, but many change partners and life is without secure forms and norms.

I do not want to condemn single mothers because I admire many of you. It is great that you have chosen to keep the baby. Many of you have a difficult time and we are not clever enough to support you. Can you forgive me? Many need a substitute father when their own father do not come or is not allowed to by the mother. Children need both a man and a women as role models.

I become very disturbed by all the abortions that take place every day. Think of all the valuable people that we never got a chance to meet.

When the family structure dissolves as an institution the entire society dissolves and the devil knows that. This is why he starts with the children and the families. It should be like a small congregation and the big congregation should exist of many healthy and strong families where the mother is a woman of God and the father a man of God. They love God, each other and the children.


Mother Else