The Body

April 8th

Part 8 of Spirit, Soul and Body.


God has created our bodies and He knows everything about them. In order to become a doctor, you have to study medicine at a university for six to eight years. This is the same all over the world. In order to be a good doctor, they have to attend new courses to update their knowledge. God does not need any of this since He has created the body and knows every little detail about it.

You will find many places in the Bible saying that our body is a temple for The Holy Spirit. One of them is 1.Cor.6:19. I have been reading in The Old Covenant about all the instructions from God concerning the building of the Temple. He was very careful in choosing the right materials, how to build and how it should look. He was also very particular when He told them how to use it. The Bible says that our bodies are like living temples for The Holy Spirit. God has created the body, but He has given us the freedom to take care of the temple.

What do we mean when we talk about the body? I am no doctor, so I cannot describe all the intern and extern parts of the body. I do know that God has created all the parts as a unity. One part is dependant on the other in order for the whole body to function. Some parts are more vital than others. That means that we cannot live without them. We must have a heart and a brain in order to live. The brain gives signals to the rest of the body. The blood is pumping to the heart and from the heart and is vital for our life. We can live with one kidney, but will die if we don’t have kidneys at all.

The visible parts are not the most vital, but that is what others see when they meet us.

Many are traveling all over the world to look at temples. They talk about how beautiful they are and often forget that they are used for worship, worshipping other gods.

We are also made to worship. We read in Psalm 103:1:”Bless the Lord, O my soul, And all that is within me, bless His holy name! I sometimes tell my body to wake up and start worshipping the Lord, its Creator. My body is sometimes very lazy and passive and my thoughts are wandering to and fro, but they should all praise God.

The Prophet Jeremiah uses the potter as an example of God. He is forming us and what He is forming is good in His eyes. We can not complain to the Potter, but many of us do exactly that. We might say that our nose is too big, our hips are too broad and our feet too big. Many of these complaints are based on demonic ideals of our looks, and we forget that we should not be worshipped, but the Creator.

Many young girls are to-day admitted to the hospital with anorexia. They have almost stopped eating in fear for looking ugly. This problem is found in the sport-and model world, but many others are also suffering from anorexia. I have prayed for some girls with this problem and they have been released. One has to renew one’s mind and that might take some time, but help is available.

Others eat too much and they cannot stop. They have bulimia. Both anorexia and bulimia stem from a deeper root and the root has to be revealed and cut. A person who eats too little or too much is destroying the temple.

The devil knows that our body is important. He knows that he cannot enter the spirit of a Christian, but he tries to enter the body in order to destroy it. If he succeeds in making a person ill or destroys any part of the body, he has affected the whole person. When I have pain or fever, I think mostly about how bad I feel and I do not meditate so much on The Word, on Jesus or any other good things. The devil has succeeded.

Some illnesses are inheritable. Sometimes we get sick because we have been around a person with a contagious illness. There are times when we get sick from food and other times from being under stress for a long time.

Accidents can cause a temporary or permanent handicap.

Sometimes a demon causes a sickness and I have seen people getting well when I commanded the demon to leave.

As mentioned earlier, the spirit, soul and body belong together.

I will open up for the devil if I continue to live with sins that are not confessed. It can cause a bad conscience and that will affect both the soul and the body.

In James 5:16 it says that we should confess sins to one another and pray for each other, so that we may be healed. If we do not confess our sins, we might get sick according to the Word of God. I do not say that all sicknesses come from that. That would be a terrible accusation to carry for those who are sick. On the contrary, the devil might throw a sickness on you as a counter attack. Maybe you have done something very good for God or maybe you are on your way to the mission-field.

Doctors say that approximately 80% of all sicknesses are psychosomatic. That means that something is wrong with your spiritual life or in your soul. The spirit is not sick, but does not function as it should because there might be wounds in the soul or the body.

Stress is such a cause. When one tries to neglect something painful, the body might “speak”.

I do recommend to go to God and people for help and not to neglect what is painful. I do know that bitterness causes certain sicknesses. In order to protect people with these sicknesses, I do not mention their names.

If you live in a situation of conflict over a longer period of time, you can become ill.

Another reason for sickness is that you yourself have neglected the temple. You might not take well care of it. Maybe you smoke or drink a lot. Smoking can destroy the lungs and misuse of alcohol can destroy the liver.

If one misuses other drugs, one can destroy cells in the brain and other parts of the body.

AIDS does not always come from your own sexual sin, but its origin is sin. I know of cases where they have been healed from AIDS. God is good and He forgives.

Too much weight is caused by malnutrition, too much food or lack of exercise. This overweight strains the body and causes sicknesses.

God was very careful in using the right material for the temple. We have to learn from that and give our body the right nutrition. We can ask God and doctors for advice. Our body is created to move. If we sit in front of TV for hours, we are not using our body as the Creator had planned. The temple will not get in shape.

I will continue on this subject next time.


Mother Else