Rest in the Lord!

1st of August

This has been a message to me lately. It is therefore only natural that I share with you what I myself have received and experienced. I like to be active and feel useful. I like to be something for somebody and I was not too happy when I heard these words in my spirit and also from people with a prophetic gift. It took some time before I understood what it was all about.

I have had many questions about how to rest in the Lord and more will come.

Should one lie down and close onefs eyes? Could I pray or should I do absolutely nothing? Should one rest alone or could one do this together with others? Is it good to read the Bible and allow the Word to speak with revelations? Should I seek for a special feeling of peace? Is it possible to be active and still rest?

I will not answer all these questions, but only share a few thoughts and experiences.

This is the first summer that I am home for quite a few years. I used to work during the summers in order to get money for travelling on mission the rest of the year. This summer I was not supposed to neither travel or to work. I should stay at home. I have been doing some counseling, but most of the time I should learn to just be. Do you know how to gjust beh? Do you know that you do not need to do anything in order to be loved?You are not going to be loved because you are loved. We were all loved even when we were sinners. It is because of Godfs love that He sent His only begotten Son that the world through Him might be saved. When we look at other religions, we see a great difference. One has to do a lot of good deeds and one has to sacrifice, hoping that their gods will be satisfied. One never knows if one has done enough and the result can be a great fear. Maybe their gods are dissatisfied and will punish them. Many people in the world do not want any kind of religion and they say that they should manage on their own. Many of these live in stress since they experience that they canft live without help, but they do not know where the help is to be found.

Jesus was and is a gift to the human race. He became a sacrifice for our sins. He said: gI take upon Myself all the sins that men have done through all ages. I want them to know My Father and I cleanse them with My blood so that they can enter into the presence of My Father. The only thing you have to do is to accept Me and believe that I have done this for you. g In Christianity we are receivers. We must receive something that was done for us 2011 years ago. I can rest in what He has already done. I can thank Him for taking my sin and shame, but also my sickness. We know that the devil is still around and he loves to make us sick. Jesus took our sicknesses with Him on the Cross and we can read about this in Is.53:4+5 and 1.Pet.2:24. Jesus says: gBy My stripes, you are healed.h

Jesus wanted me to get a greater revelation of what He had done for me. It is not enough with head-knowledge, but we constantly need more of a revelation. When I really understand the sacrifice Jesus did and what I have because of Him, I become thankful. When I start thanking Him, I become happy. It is so easy to focus on all the things that I do not have and that makes me dissatisfied. True thankfulness makes one happy and satisfied. The devil wants to show you all your own shortcomings. He also shows you what your neighbors have and you start comparing yourselves with others. I think you should ask the Holy Spirit to help you to see all the things that you do have. You might have a lot of things that your neighbor do not have. If you are a Christian and you compare yourself with your nonbelieving neighbor with a big house and a new car, you have a treasure that cannot be compared to any value of money. Jesus has taken care of your past, lives in and with you to-day and has opened a way to the Father in order for us to live an eternity with Him. We can really sing: gOpen my eyes so that I can see.h

If we are too busy with activities, it can be hard to listen to the Father. Do you know that He wants a relationship with us? He wants to talk to us. I very seldom hear an audible voice, but He speaks through His Word, to our spirit and through other people. If we are stressed and have many things to think about, it is difficult to concentrate on God. I have fortunately had some time now when I can take it easy and be alone with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I turn off telephones. An appointment with Heaven is more important than anything else. I do not have any small children who are dependent on me and I can totally concentrate on the most important thing in the world. Sometimes I lay down. Other times I sit or walk around. God is not dependent on my physical position, but on my open heart. If my body is tired and worn out, I am most receptive when I am lying down. God speaks to me through His Word and through His Spirit.

I recently attended a meeting where both the preacher and the worship leader said: gRelax and lower your shoulders!h I really needed to relax and breathe deeply. The world praises yoga, but we have a much greater reason to breathe in the life that God has given us. Jesus is life and He lives within us. Many people get nervous in meetings. They wonder what other people think about them. Should we stand or sit? Should I go forward for prayers after the preaching? Do they expect me to fall or feel anything special? The entire focus is not on the Lord, but on oneself and others. Some churches are known for rigid rules and others have a great freedom. I am for freedom, but sometimes I really wish that the leaders would help those with satanic manifestations instead of saying that everything comes from God. I also remember a meeting where the woman forced us to stand and I came from an exhausting job and my body was aching. It was difficult to rest with the pains I had in my body. The more I focus on Him, the more I can rest.

Our conception of God, decides how much we can rest in Him. If we think that He is there to look for our mistakes and is constantly looking for a way of punishing us, we live in fear instead of in peace and joy. Do we understand that He is for us and not against us? The Holy Spirit is given us in order to help us. Some people are so afraid of making mistakes that they really do not do anything right. If we make mistakes, the Lord will help us to get out of it. If we sin, we should confess them and then He will wipe them away and treat us as it never happened.

In order to rest in the Lord, we must trust Him. Do I trust Him in my daily life? The Bible says that we should not worry. God has promised to take care of us. He says about Himself that I am you Provider, your Shepard, your Peace, your Banner of Victory and He is our Savior. We have a God Who has created heaven and earth and One Who says: gNothing is impossible for Me and nothing is impossible for those who believe.h If we would rest in His promises, we would rest in Him. God speaks the truth and He cannot lie. He will therefore do the things He has promised to do. If we live in gratitude for the things Jesus has done for us and the things He is doing to-day and what He will do in the future, we can really relax and lower our shoulders. Do not accept the lies of the devil, but feed yourselves with the truth and the truth will make you rest and make you free.

If you are one of those who is running and running and have no time for Jesus, you might come to a dead end one day and God will allow this because He wants you to come to the source where you find rest, peace and new strength.


Mother Else