Prayer, part 4

15th of May

Part 4

To-day I will repeat that God answers our prayers when we pray according to His will. What is the will of God? The Bible is the perfect will of God. The more we read the Bible, the more we can pray according to the heart of God. I recommend you to buy a Bible dictionary. When you have a need, you can look up that word in the dictionary and find out where in the Bible you can read about it. If you are sick, you can look up the word sick, well or healing. You will find many, many stories about divine healing both in the Old and the New Testament. We find the most important fact in Is.53:5 and 1.Pet.2:24. In both places we read that “By His stripes we were healed.” By Whose stripes? By the stripes of Jesus at Golgatha. It was there that Jesus gave us an eternal medicine for our sins and sicknesses. It is important that we have the right grammar. He has done it. We do not need to carry something that He has already carried. Unfortunately, we do get attacked by sickness. We live in a world that is full of sin and therefore full of sickness. God is not the ruler over this world. The good thing is that Jesus carried the sicknesses for us and we can therefore come before the Throne and boldly ask for healing. If we doubt His will, we do not pray in faith and it is the prayer of faith that has great effect. IT IS THE WILL OF GOD THAT WE SHOULD BE HEALTHY.

Some people say that when you have prayed once, you do not need to pray any more. You thank God for the answer and everything is clear and fine. Yes, I do not doubt the fact that God hears us the first time that we pray, but I do not agree that we should just forget about it and leave it. Too many get too passive. I mentioned the persistent widow. She never gave the unjust judge peace before she had the answer. We can therfore come to the Father with boldness and remind Him of our prayers. Keep on thanking Him and proclaim the truth which is: BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED.

In Mark 16:18 it says that we should lay hands on the sick and they will become well. That can be done many times. We are transmitting the power of God by touching the other person. I recently read a book and the author described how the sick person got better every time he or the others in the group prayed for the person. They never stopped praying before the person got totally well. They could come together many times over a long period of time. I believe that we should be goal-orientated and not stop before the goal is reached.

Some people have a book and they write their prayer request on one side and on the other they have the date for the answer. I believe that we should become more concrete. We give up too easily. Maybe we have started to doubt the Word. Some times we have to resist the devil since he resists the answer.

Maybe you have problems with your ecconomy. Then you can look up the word BLESSING in your dictionary. You must know that you, as a child of God, are blessed and have an eternal covenant with God. You can read: Deut.28:, Phil.4:19, Eph.1:3, Matt.6:25-34. These Scriptures confirm that God only wants good things for you. When we read about the spiritual blessings in Eph.1, many believe that the word spiritual does not include material things. That is the thinking of Greek philosophers. God does not divide in that way. It is high time that we as Christians look upon ourselves as a complete crature where all the three parts belong together. If we suffer in one area, it affects the other areas.

In order to prosper, we have to follow the biblical principles. We have to deal with money in an honest way and we have to give God what belongs to Him. You can read about tithing. Ask God if He is pleased with the way you treat money.

One day recently, I prayed with a woman and broke the curse of poverty in her family. It was broken on the Cross, but we have to grab hold of the things that are done and make them ours. She and her family got a lot of money the same day, money that was much needed. We must never forget the promises in psalm 23:6 where it says that both His mercy and goodness shall follow us. God is always ready to bless us, but we have to remove the obstacles. YOU ARE PRAYING ACCORDING TO GOD’S WILL WHEN YOU ASK HIM TO BLESS YOU IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE.

I have mostly been writing about your personal time with God. Now I will mention the promise we have when two of us pray together. You can look up Matt.18:19: “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” It has to be a prayer of agreement. That is one secret and the other secret is the will of the Father. I have sometimes been asked to agree with someone else in prayer, and I have answered NO. I haven’t been sure of the will of God then. I can’t pray that your daughter should marry the son of the pastor when I don’t know the will of God nor the will of the young ones. We would make manipulations in the spirit realm then. That is actually witchcraft. God will not answer our manipulations, but it is dangerous and we might make the devil very busy. We know that God wants people to be saved and healed and we can agree on that. We cannot force anybody to receive Jesus, but we can bind the strong one.(Matt.12:29) We can ask the Holy Spirit to work on the person. We can command the devil to release the person and pray to God for his or her salvation. My father died 25 years ago, but before he died, we agreed to pray that two people we both knew should be saved. One of them died two years ago, but we got an answer to our prayer right before he died. The other one is activ in a church to-day.

The Bible says that one takes thousand, two take ten thousand. The more people, the more strenght. I remember a prayer meeting at a mission trip. We were a team praying during the meeting. I felt strongly a resistance in the spirit realm. We were in a seperate room. The team leader attended the meeting with the rest of the team. He sensed the same and asked a prayer worrier to join the prayer group. That was what was needed for the break through. When we plan a strategy in warfare, we think of how many men we need in order to beat the enemy. We have to do the same in spiritual warfare. I should pray for a young man some years ago. He had been involved in the occult. He had become a Christian, but wanted deliverance. I was alone and when I should start praying, God stopped me. The Spirit told me that this was too much for me to take alone. I called three prayer warriors before God allowed me to pray for this young man. This was done for my protection, the protection of the man and in order to get a result. IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW HOW MANY WE NEED WHEN WE ENGAGE IN SPIRITUAL WARFARE AND WE NEED TO BE IN AGREEMENT. Look up Acts 1:14. They were all in one accord in prayers and supplications. What happened then? Then the Holy Spirit came over them. The same things happen to-day. We can to-day join huge prayer meetings that are sent directly on Christian TV. They come to an agreement and the confessing of sins and praise and worship are vital elements. These gatherings take place in many different cities all over the world. They are gathered in fasting and praying for twelve hours. Vital strongholds of the devil are broken over these places. These gatherings include people from many different kind of churches. I look forward to the 11th of May. That is the Global Day of Prayer. Christians from all over the world are praying and huge prayer meetings are arranged a lot of places. Let us prepare ourselves for this big event.


Mother Else