How do we react to oppositions and attacks? Part 2

15th of April

Part 2

This is the second part of this theme. They belong together since my thoughts go a little back and forth and they should be read together even if they come out at different times.

I mentioned that God is not totally sovereign and can do exactly what He wants and all attacks do not come from the devil. There are certain rules and spiritual principles.

The devil will often use people to attack us, but the battle is not against human beings since we always should forgive men even if the wounds might heal over time.

Attacks can come when we have done something very good or when we haven’t followed the spiritual rules and regulations.

We live in a constant battle between God and the devil and we will always be part of that war even if we might try to avoid it. We should not fear when we have done mighty things for God, but we should be well prepared. The devil might be angry and will try to counterattack, but use the spiritual weapons. Cover yourself daily with the blood of Jesus and answer him with the Word of God. The devil will search for sore spots in you or for sins that are not confessed. You will be less attacked by the devil if you do what the Bible says and if you get delivered and healed and exchange lies with the truth. Ask God to be the ruler over your subconscious as well as the conscious. You might have hidden things in your subconscious and ask God to reveal that. That will give the devil less openings for attack. Ask the Holy Spirit why you get so angry every time somebody drives to fast or too slow or why you get afraid when you see a person who is drunk. The Holy Spirit will reveal that.

Why do you “curse” the tax-collectors when you have to pay tax that you haven’t paid? The reason is that you most likely haven’t paid what you should. So many people accuse others and call it an attack against them, but they have really caused the problems themselves. They do not take responsibility for their own behavior or they blame the devil for things they have actually caused themselves. It is not an attack if the car stops and the tank is empty. You are responsible for checking the tank. Some call it an attack if they are very tired in the morning. They do not want to remember that they were in a party the evening before and got in bed way too late. I am not even talking about the use of alcohol. If you do not study for an exam, you cannot call it an attack when you fail. You have been lazy. Did you get a threat because you didn’t pay your bills? Yes, that was a real attack. Nonsense, you bought something you could not afford. No, I bought in faith, you might argue back, but God never orders anything He cannot pay. We have a tendency to accuse both God, the devil and other people for our own actions.

Children come in another category. They might grow up under very bad conditions. Their parents might misuse drugs or alcohol. Maybe their parents are divorced and they feel guilty for it. They might be taught at school by an unjust teacher. Children do not have the same possibility of choice as the adults. They will easily copy the behavior patterns of those around them. If their parents blame others for their own problems, the children will easily do the same. To blame others is a wrong, but usual way of reacting to oppositions and attacks.

Is every sickness an attack from the devil? In most cases I would answer yes. Sickness did not exist before the fall of Adam and will not exist in Heaven. Sickness did not exist before sin entered the world. That does not mean that a sick person is more sinful that others. The devil might even send you sickness in order to stop you in working for God. It is a very effective weapon. I can surely say that God does not send sickness since He sent His Son to carry them on the Cross for you. Jesus took our sins and our sicknesses. We should therefore fight sicknesses with medicines and doctors and spiritual weapons. We can proclaim the Word and thank Him for taking them away from us on the Cross. (Spiritual mystery)

Sicknesses can sometimes be caused by us. We might have eaten too much or the wrong kind. Maybe someone has used drugs or alcohol. Others have not had enough clothes on when the climate is cold. These factors reduce the immunity of the body. Other factors are too much stress and too little sleep. The Bible also warns us against worries. It is not good for us. Sickness can be caused by natural reasons, but in most cases I would look upon sickness as an attack.

Most people have a difficult time when they have to wait. Children need to be satisfied immediately and we adults dislike waiting. I mentioned what could happen when we stand in a line last time. Maybe you are without a job and are waiting for one. This is a difficult situation and I do not want to minimize it. The factors causing the situation are most of the time outside oneself. God does not want you to become depressive and passive and He does not want you to feel sorry for yourself. To feel pity for oneself is very common, but it’s a very negative reaction. Maybe this is a time when you can seek God more than ever. Ask God to help you to use the time. Now is the time to pray and to read the Bible. You can take long walks. You finally have time to read a book, see friends and family and you can volunteer in the church and other places. You are naturally applying for new jobs. The devil will tempt you to sit down before a TV set with some fattening snacks and to feel sorry for yourself. Resist the devil and get up from the couch and put on some music with praise and worship. Thank God for what He has done and all what He is going to do .

Maybe you wait for a partner or for a child. When you wait, you are tested. Do you get angry with God? Is your faith decreased? Do you speak words of trust or of disbelief? My advice is that you should concentrate on the solution and not the lack. Think of the answer that is on its way. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.(Hebr.11:1) My oldest daughter had great pains in her legs when she was around ten years of age. The reason was the fact that she was growing fast. God might test your faith, but you might look upon it as oppositions. It is painful to grow up, but tested faith leads to perseverance. When you listen to known preachers, they can testify about trials and difficulties. Their faith has really been tested in order to lead them where they are to-day.

Persecution can also come as a result of our walk with God. We must not forget that this is something that we have been promised. If we do not openly confess and practice our faith, the devil might leave us alone.

As Christians we should always ask: “Is this an attack from the devil or is God testing my faith? WE SHOULD PRAISE GOD UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANSES, FORGIVE AND BLESS PEOPLE AND RESIST THE DEVIL.


Mother Else