False and true peace, part 1

1st of February

I believe that peace, joy and love are among the things that men are seeking more than anything else. They are sought by all kinds of people and some pay huge amounts of money hoping to obtain it. The sad thing is that many are seeking at the wrong places and in wrong ways and the result is that many are getting disappointed and some become bitter.


The Spirit of God can discern between the false and the real thing and it is important to get a close relationship with the true God and the Holy Spirit in order to know what is what. One can easily get tricked, but the truth will set us free and show us the way. Jesus says that He is the way, the truth and the life. The devil who is called “the liar” wants to give us a false peace and the Lord wants to give us a true peace.

False peace is built on lies that are often hidden in our mind and emotions and they have come through our mouth or that of others. Real peace is built on the Word of God.

The more one knows the truth, the easier it is to reveal the false.


I tell you a sensitive story from my own life. I almost committed suicide about 25 years ago. I was told a lot of lies about myself and I had started to believe them and I thought that the world would be a better place to live without my presence. I thought that both my husband and my children would be better off. When I had decided to take an overdose of pills, I got an unimaginable joy and peace. I have never experienced that kind of peace before nor after. If you hadn’t experienced that kind of peace, you can’t believe me. God stopped me in the last moment by giving me an inner picture or rather a story. He explained to me where I was in life and His plans for my future. In the end He showed me lots of people waiting for the gifts that God had given me. At that moment I threw away the pills and what He showed me, saved my life and I believe the lives of others. It was all the lies that caused me to commit suicide. It was not self-pity. False peace can lead to death. It can lead to a physical death as well as to a spiritual one.

I am thinking about a lot of the meditation in other religions. One is lured with peace and one is given a mantra to repeat again and again. Many of these are names of other gods and one is actually calling on other gods. Many are saying yoga is gymnastics and it will help you to relax, but if one combines this with repeating the words of other gods, one is entering the territory of the devil. A lot of the revelations of yoga and other similar things have an occult root and they do not build their knowledge on medical research nor on the Word of God. Yoga is so popular today that normal mats, cleansing material and gymnastics are called yoga even if they are not. Both yoga and other meditation from other religions advertise with peace. Some people say that they get peaceful, but this is a false peace. It leads to a deeper communion with the devil and he doesn’t want anything good for you. He is tempting you with peace in order to lead you further into his territory.


It is said that Anti-Christ is going to come with peace and that will be a major reason for deceiving people. Everyone who is denying that Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of mankind is led by the spirit of Anti-Christ. I am shocked by some of the things going on among Christian leaders today. Many are so involved in creating unity and peace that they sign papers saying that Allah and God is the same. It isn’t popular anymore to say that Jesus is the only way to God. One is talking about an Emerging Church where unity is not built on the Cross and what Jesus accomplished there. I am so shocked to see names of leaders that earlier were known for leading people into prayer and a sanctified life with Jesus. When I see these things, I understand the words of Jesus wondering if He would find any faith when He returns. (Luke 18:8) We Christians can disagree on certain topics and we can worship with hands raised or on our knees or with folded hands, but we must agree on the fact that Jesus is our Savior. If we do not believe that we are born by the Father through the blood of Jesus, we are not sisters and brothers. I have studied some of the basic teaching of the Catholics and to other religions. The Catholics are saved through seven sacraments and no other religion has Jesus as their Savior. He might be mentioned as a prophet, but not as the Son of God and the One Who opened a living way for us to the Father. I absolutely believe that we can get together with people with another religion and with another way of looking at life, but we must dare to stand up for our beliefs and dare to say that we disagree.


We do not want to keep peace at any cost!


When I attended my training for social work, it was at a time when radical political views became very popular and there were a lot of discussions. Some of these leaders were so convincing that I was forced to ponder and clarify my own belief-system. I was more convinced than ever that Jesus was the answer. I had a good relationship to those who opposed me and we respected each other for our differences. They had more content for those who didn’t know what they thought. I have a close relationship to some relatives who believe in certain parts of New Age. We love each other and one can say: “I will tell you something now that I know that you will disagree with” and the other can answer the same way. Our relationship is deep and we do doubt that we love each other, but we do not hold any false peace. I naturally pray that they will meet Jesus as their Savior.


A lot of false peace is built on fear. Many people are afraid of Muslims since a few groups within Islam have executed terror. All Muslims are not terrorists, but the fact remains that many Christians are killed by Muslims as well as extremists from other religions. Many Christians are also killed by a system ruled by a dictator. If they had denied their faith, they would not have been killed. Jesus didn’t need to be crucified. He got a real chance to defend Himself, but He chose to fulfill His calling. No one else could become a sinless lamb to be sacrificed. He could have said: “I do not want to create any problem for Pilatus. I do not need to stand on the truth since it creates problem.” I thank God that He didn’t take the way of peace and compromise.


It is dangerous to compromise with the truth!


If Jesus had compromised with the truth, none of us could have lived an eternal life in Heaven. All those leaders who compromise with the Truth, lead thousands of people into conception. In Matthew 18 we can read about the terrible consequences of deceiving others. Many are choosing popularity instead of the Truth.

Jesus says in Matthew 10:34-39 that He did not come with peace, but with a sword. He actually says that we must not love anybody more than Him.

When we compromise with the Truth, we love something

                                else or someone else more than Jesus!

I will continue next time.

Mother Else