Are you prepared, part 2?

15th of May

Part 2

Last time I wrote about my preparations before travelling and I asked if you were prepared for the fact that Jesus is coming back. Where do you go when you die? I will probably write about these things again, but I will write about preparations for everyday living and about accidents and disasters.

I am writing this chapter only a few weeks after the terrible earthquake in Haiti. I was deeply moved by the destruction and the terrible sufferings and I cried even if I do not know anybody there. The impressions come so close when you watch everything on television. In the middle of the tragedies, I was moved by a testimony from a family of eleven. They were praying when it happened and they were all saved even if they lost their home. Another small boy was taken out of the ruins several days after the disaster and he said that God had saved him.

We do know that several Christians were killed and I will not make myself to a judge and say that these people were spiritual unprepared. Some might be, but only God knows.

What we do know is that witchcraft is quite common in this country. These people have called upon the devil and he has come only to kill and destroy. I all of a sudden think of the millions of people who are cursing and swearing. All of these people are calling upon the devil and he does not wait for another invitation. As I said, he is killing and destroying everything he is given an access to. He is causing sickness, confusion, disasters and wars. The same people cursing might blame God for these things and do not understand that they have caused these things themselves. Do not call upon the devil! I have been led to tell people that they call upon the devil and told them his nature. Most of them are shocked and have never thought of it.

Many talk like disasters come from the air and by coincidence, but that is not the truth. Some disasters can be explained and even predicted on account of knowledge, knowledge about climate, geology, the waters or the ground. But we must never forget that God is above all these things. He has created everything and knows everything.

Elijah prayed that there should be no rain and it didn’t rain for three years and six months until he prayed that it should rain and then it came and all the plants could again grow and give a harvest. (1.King 17:1 and 18:1)

I wrote last time that people often live and think that their words or actions are without any consequences, but that is a lie. The world is kept by the Word of God. We can read in Ezekiel 20:11: “And I gave them my statues and showed them My judgments, which if a man does, he shall live by them.” I sense the Holy Spirit saying that if we would listen to the Word of God and live by it, the entire world would look entirely different. It would almost be like paradise on earth then. Since we are born as sinners and the Word says that the path is narrow, we know that this will not be the case. I want to remind you of psalm 91. I wrote that this psalm is like a vaccination. It describes both pestilence and wars, but when we make the Lord our fortress, He will deliver us.

Our personal preparation is to read the Word and live by it.

Many people are saying that we are destroying the globe and the work of creation, but most of these people have no contact with the Creator and His Word. They forget that they are created by Him and so is the whole universe. Many of those who want to improve this world are Satanists and rebels (Far from everybody) We do not have any promises about improvements unless they are built on the Word of God.

We are improving our own life and the world by reading the Word of God and by asking the Holy Spirit to help us to live by it. I have underlined this twice in order to emphasize how important I think it is. We Christians must read the Bible more and ask for the right understanding.

Most of the people in the society want to make faith to a personal thing. We cannot force anybody to believe like us, but faith comes from hearing and hearing the Word of God. Our duty is therefore to preach the Word of God.

Some countries have built their laws on the principles of the Word of God and these countries have been blessed because of that. The sad thing is that more and more countries are now taking Christianity out of the schools and laws are made that are contrary to the principles of the Bible. This will cause damage to the country and the devil can play his game since the leaders have chosen his side. God cannot stop the devil when the people choose him, but He can protect His own children. We must therefore read and pray.

I will quote 1.Tim.1+2: “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, For kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.

What do we Christians think are the best for our country? You and I can decide what it should look like, not only through our vote at the election, but through our prayers. We are supposed to make supplications for all of those in authority. They really need our prayers when they make difficult decisions. We pray for them even if they have another faith than ourselves. Their decisions have an influence on you and your prayers have an influence on them.

Some of us have watched movies from areas where they have been praying and fasting for a long time. These places have been drastically changed, the crime rate has decreased, the soil gives good and big crop, unemployment goes down and most of the things in society prosper. The power of witchcraft is broken and people start seeking God. I recommend you to see the film of Transformation.

Haiti was known as an area for earthquakes, but nothing was done to prepare for them. The people are very poor and the houses are not built for earthquakes. It is also known for criminality. Now they need a lot of help from abroad, but I hope that they get help to prepare for the future and not only for the present need. I really pray for this.

Do you prepare for old age? Do you put some money aside or do you only think of the present? Do you smoke and drink or do you think of your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit? Some people think so much of their body that it becomes an idol, but we must take care of it and allow God to use it for His purposes. I need to be healthy enough to travel. I do not plan to retire in His kingdom, but work for Him until He takes me home.

I am quite dependant on a car and in order to avoid accidents, I keep the car in order. The serviceman has twice discovered serious faults that could have caused accidents. I ask the Holy Spirit to tell me if something is wrong since I lack knowledge about the car.

Hosea 4:6 says that the people are destroyed because they lack knowledge. We first and foremost lack knowledge about God, but some people hesitate to get any kind of education. God wants us to be well prepared for what He wants us to do. Good education is good preparation. It says in the Bible that we should not worry about tomorrow, but it does not say that we should not prepared for tomorrow.


PRAY AND WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother Else