Are you conscious of the environment? Part 2

15th of September

I wrote about TV, data-games and about the home last time. This time I will concentrate on the church and the Body of Christ here on earth.

I am actually writing about you and me then. We who have received Christ are all members on the Body and without us there would not be a Body of Christ. Each and every one of us got inoculated in the Body the day we got saved. If you are wondering if you are there, ask yourself following question: “Have I received Jesus Christ as my Savior and have I made Him Lord in my life?” If the answer is yes, you are the child of God and part of Christ’s body.

When I speak about the Church, I know that there are thousands, maybe millions of smaller local churches. The members must believe that Jesus is their Savior and that He is the only way to God. I do not believe that those who look upon Jesus as a prophet, but not Savior belong to the Body of Christ. There are religious churches that believe that you are saved through the sacraments or through good deeds and I do not believe that they are part of the Body. Within these churches there might be individuals that believe in Jesus as the only way to heaven and they are naturally saved since I believe that salvation depends on a personal decision and not a membership in a church. Why do I mention these things in this subject? I want to emphasize that any heresy is a spiritual pollution. You might not have thought about heresy as pollution, nor did I, but wherever you find false doctrines there are a base of pollution. Everything that is not in accordance with the Word of God is a heresy. Nobody is perfect and no church is perfect either, but it is important that we seek one that teaches as many truths from the Bible as possible. I know that I will step on somebody’s toes if I give some examples, but I will do so anyway. I grew up in a church belonging to the state. Way over 90 % of the children were baptized and the pastor says that the child I s saved when he or she is baptized. I will not take a discussion on adult-baptism or child-baptism, but the Bible says that those who believe should be baptized. I do not believe that a small child can believe. The biggest heresy for me is that many believe what the pastor say and are confident about their salvation. They might only go to church for weddings and funerals and they never have a personal relationship to Jesus and to the living God. This system means that only a few have a personal relationship with Jesus and the majority live a secular life. I have cried many times over the fact that many will wake up in hell and be mightily surprised since they thought everything was fine since they had gotten some drops of water on their head as a child. The doctrine is wrong and the majority of the members pollute the church with their life-styles.


Sin is the worst pollution we can have. The worst sin is to turn away from God Who is the source of life. We are used to grade the different sins and say that some are worse than others. Sin is sin in the eyes of God. He has grace for all sin, but the consequences can be different for the different sins.


The Catholic Church teaches us that we are saved through seven sacraments. That is not according to the Bible. This is therefore a foundational pollution for the Catholic Church and all those who belong to them. I am sure that there are quite a few who have read the Bible and seen that the Bible teaches differently and they might have received Jesus as their Savior. It is not so long ago since the Catholics were allowed to read the Bible in their own language. A spiritual environmental person looks to the Bible and checks if the teaching is in accordance with the Word of God. Quite a few churches think that the Bible is true, but they do not think that everything is for to-day. It belonged to the past. Healing and speaking in tongues are examples of this. Others teach that apostles and prophets were then, but not now. They forget that Jesus is the same yesterday, to-day and for ever more. These theories will therefore be lies that pollute the entire Body of Christ. All lies pollute the Body.

The different heresies and lies have an influence on millions of people and there are many more than those mentioned. This keeps millions of people in ignorance and in darkness. What a grief in the heart of the Father. He loves the people and wants them to live in a close relationship with Him. I sense that some of you react to the fact that I mention these things under the subject of environment. That’s because we are so used to think of pollution in a different way. We usually think of exhaust and dangerous gases and garbage from factories. We think of rivers and lakes where the fishes are dying and not of the millions of people who are dying in lack of knowledge of the truths from the Bible. I have not mentioned other religions, but only those who bear the name of Christ. None of us have the right to say exactly who will come to Heaven, but I talk about the teachings and all theories that are not in alliance with the Word of God.


I think that we are more used to think about pollution when we read the warnings from Paul to the Corinthians. He mentioned immorality, idol-worship and divisions. I quote 1.Cor.6:9-11 “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor revilers, not extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.” Paul says that our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. I will come back to that a little later. I will concentrate on the Body of Christ right now. To-day we can read about a lot of sins committed, not only by the regular member of the church, but by pastors and leaders. Some of them have committed quite serious sins. It is positive that these things come in the open, but it is very sad that so many live a double life with so much pollution in their lives. They might stand at the pulpit and condemn smoking one day and the next day they might watch porno, maybe have a sexual relationship with another than his or her spouse or commit some economical crime. It might have started with a little thing, but they opened themselves more and more for the influence of the devil. They do not only pollute themselves, but the entire Body of Christ. It says in the Bible that when one member suffers, the entire Body suffers.(1.Cor.12:26). The same is true when it comes to pollution. That is one of many reasons why God eventually have to cut off the branch that pollutes the entire Tree. I can assure you that God will give the person many chances before that happens. Paul mentions sins as jealousy, wrath, magic and divisions as sins and both jealousy and divisions are quite common in the body of Christ. We might have been lured into a lie that it isn’t so dangerous. I can assure you that it is poisonous. Both bitterness and lack of forgiveness can be deadly. It might be more dangerous than the pollution lying over an industrial area. The latter can kill the body, but the first one can kill the spirit.

I will continue with this theme.


Mother Else