What does the Devil do to hinder the Body of Christ to function? Part 2

1st of January

Part 2

I mentioned sickness, rumors and gossip, bad relationships, divisions and control, misuse of power and abuse of different kinds as reasons for a weak and handicapped body of Christ. I also mentioned the fact that some people do not know the plans God has for them and that creates confusion. God does not send confusion and He has clear plans for each individual.

To-day I will start by writing about all of those who are stopped and hindered in using their gifts and talents. That can cause a lot of frustration and even bitterness. Many churches are to-day governed by a few people and these might be in the same family as the pastor(s) or belong to the group of friends. Many pastors have the wrong motives when they choose their co-workers. The choice was maybe done according to their flesh and not their spirit. I am building this on experiences as well as a prophesy God gave me. The devilfs plan is to make the members passive. If this goes on for a long time, it can lead to sicknesses, frustrations, bitterness, sorrow and depression. We must not forget that these gifts are given by God and he does not regret the gifts. Many, many gifts and ministries are aborted in the body of Christ.

I feel that every pastor should know their members and then they should recognize the gifts in the person and then he should help the person to use it.

God gives gifts in order to edify the church and to bless the people both inside and outside the borders of the church. I have heard about and seen many who are healed outside the church. They might eventually have become a Christian because of that.

God has special plans for the Church in the End-times. The devil is therefore working extra hard in order to hinder each individual as well as the entire body to function. I have talked many many who are in this frustrating situation. I really want to say to you: gDo not wait for your local pastor. Use your gifts wherever there is an opening and change to another church if that is necessary.h I recommend you to talk to your pastor first. If he is not willing to listen, find a place where you can be like a fish swimming in the water. Sometimes we have to wait a little bit before we are used, but do not wait until the devil has made you sour and bitter. The outmost tactic of the devil is to steal your joy since your joy is your strength. The joy of the Lord is our strength. (Neh.8:10) The devil wants a weak church and thatfs why he steals the joy from as many as possible. Many Christians are not aware of that. Otherwise they would fight to keep their joy.

I have not totally ended the subject of the gifts. Many do not know which gifts they have. Seek the Lord. You can read 1.Cor.12, Rom.12 and Eph.4. You will then know of the nine gifts of the Spirit and the five ministries that are given to equip the saints. All of them are supposed to be in a local church. Both the teacher and the prophet should be able to work together even if they seem to be in opposition to each other, but they should fulfill each other.

I have earlier been writing about balance and unbalance and one of the tasks of the devil is to cause unbalance. We know that a healthy and a varied diet is necessary for our physical body, but it is just as important for our spirits and the building of the body of Christ. The devil loves to keep us ignorant about as many truths as possible and this is one way of making unbalance. I read the Bible for 30 years over and over again, but the day after I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, I gdiscoveredh the truths about the gifts of the Spirit and the fact that God wants us well.

Many Christians are seeking experiences, but they are not so eager to find out whom the experiences come from. Check them with the Word of God and the Holy Spirit!

Many have dreams and visions. Dreams and visions can absolutely be biblical, but not everyone. Is Jesus important? Again: Check the Word and the Spirit! The gift to discern is very important in these days. I really pray that more leaders will get this gift. The devil hates this gift and will do anything to stop this gift to come into function. I have experienced this myself. He naturally doesnft want to be revealed.

I mentioned that all the gifts and all the ministries should exist in the church. One way of creating unbalance is by overemphasizing one thing more than another. Some churches love for example the prophet, but do not like the teacher. Be careful, you might become lopsided. A body needs two arms and to legs. We are carefully made by God and each member has its specific place and specific function. A heart is not seen, but is vital for the body. (Too many want to be a mouth) Be sure that you function as you should. We need much more teaching in this area.

Another area that the devil attacks is gwomenh. They are not allowed to use their gifts in many churches. The Bible says that a woman should not be the head over her husband, but that has nothing to do with the fact that God has equipped her with gifts and talents to be used. Many women are oppressed by their leaders and they are given tasks that are meant for others. God gave me a picture of a church limping forward. They did not use the other leg that was the symbol of women. They could have been running with two legs. This is one of many weapons that the devil is using to prolong the time for the returning of Christ. It also creates frustrating women. I am never as satisfied as when I function in my calling.

I have mentioned quarrelling in the body of Christ, but will come back to this a little bit. There might be a lot of envy in some churches and they might form small groups and talk about gush and gthemh. This is against the will of God. He says that we should love each other and carry burdens for each other. If a church is not marked by love, it is not a Christian church. Christian means Christ-like.

The last thing that I will mention this time is divisions in the body on account of doctrines. I once got a vision of a long table where people sat, throwing food in the face of each other. The devil sat and watched the scene and he was applauding. He was so happy for the fact that the food was not eaten. The food represented the Word of God. We believers can become very angry and we discuss the different interpretations instead of rejoicing in the perfect salvation of the Cross. That divides the body into many parts. We are actually not linked together. I believe we should have many different local churches, but we must be united in Christ and His love. How can the people outside been drawn to Jesus if we do not love each other.



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