It is time for the child to be delivered

15th of December

We can go back to the story of Christmas and think of Mary, the mother of Jesus. She was visited by the angel Gabriel telling her that should have a child. The Holy Spirit should come over her and the power of the Highest should overshadow her and she would conceive a child and this child would be the Son of God. She should call the child Jesus. Her fiancé Joseph took care of her and the baby, but he did not have any physical contact with her before the baby was born. He was also visited by the angel and the angel told him that Mary had not been with any other man. The child was conceived by the Holy Spirit and this child should save His people from their sins.

We know that all the people should be registered in a census and Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem since they belonged to that place. When they came there, the time arrived for her birth, but there was no room for her in the inn. They had to go to a stable and there she gave birth to the most important baby that was ever born, Jesus. This is the reason why we Christians celebrate Christmas. We can read about these happenings in the beginning of the gospel of Matthew and Luke.

Have you ever been pregnant? “No, I am a man,” you might answer. I understand that a man can’t become physically pregnant, but there are many other ways of being pregnant. We read that the Holy Spirit should overshadow Mary and make her pregnant with Jesus. I believe that the Holy Spirit can overshadow us as well and make us pregnant with God’s ideas, dreams and visions. It might start as a small seed, but what comes from God has life in it. The small seed will start growing. I have heard many who are saying: “I all of a sudden got an idea to do this and that and I have never thought about this before.” It might be a creative thought of making or forming something. Many songs, poetries and works of art have started with a thought or an inner picture in their mind. Others are prompted to do something else for others. I have heard about people who have been asked by God to go to places where they have never been before. People’s lives have been saved this way. They might have met people who didn’t want to live no more and who were in the process of committing suicide. God sent someone to become the rescuer for these people. In these cases the time-span from the conception to the birth was very short.

There are many missionaries and other ministers who were called when they were a child or a young person and they carried their calling inside themselves for many years.

What are we doing with the calling God has put inside of us? A fetus gets nourishments from the mother. We can nourish our calling by praying, reading the Word of God and being with our Lord. There are unfortunately many who are not doing this. Are you rejecting the calling or the ideas that God has given you? I am very upset about all the abortions that are done all over the world, but it is also possible to abort Gods’s plans as well as physical children. Some do not know how to verify the voice of the Lord from their own thoughts. They might even think it comes from the devil. If you are confused about the source of your “child” you have not been enough with your Shepherd and might lack knowledge in the Word of God. The Lord will never give you any ideas that contradict His Words. I also believe that you will get joy and peace when you receive something from Him. You might receive it with a fear of Him, but the joy and peace should be there.

God has plans for each and every one of us and He wants us to complete His plans for our lives. There are those who do not think that we are created for a special purpose. There is no such thing as fate. You have to make a decision to follow His plans for you.

Many fantastic children to be are aborted and many of God’s callings and plans are also aborted.

There wasn’t any room for Joseph and Mary in the inn and Jesus Himself was born in a stable. I am sad to say that many pastors are also aborting the callings of his sheep. I was myself in a church where they said that we should forget our callings and just do what we were told to do and fill the needs of the church. I do agree that there are times when we must do things outside of our calling, but to forget something that came from God is extremely serious and I would never want nor dare to do so. I would rather say that it is better to be born in a stable than dying in a nice hotel. I presume that you understand my allegory.

A normal pregnancy lasts for nine months, but the spiritual callings and plans of God can have a very different time perspective. One can sometimes be pregnant for many years. What are you doing with the fetus while you are waiting? The devil’s purpose is to destroy God’s plans and you must protect what you have conceived. The devil can sometimes prolong the time of the pregnancy and sometimes God sees that you need more preparation. Your own wrong choices can also prolong the time of pregnancy. I personally know of people with strong callings on their lives, but they have gone in the wrong direction. The good thing is that God doesn’t regret what He has said and He reminds the person from time to time.

I feel that God has prepared me for many years. He has been teaching me and I have grown in my relationship with the Lord. I have practiced what I have learned in smaller meetings, but because I was in a church that told us to lay down our callings, certain circumstances arouse that prolonged the time.

I had wondered if I should write a book for some years, but it was never anything concrete. I all of a sudden got a chance last fall and I am at the end of the birth. It has gone very fast. Some births take a long time, but this one was a quick one. That is for me a sign that the Lord has been in the birth process. The anointing has been over me and the “child” comes out quickly and without complications then.

I believe that we are in a time when many are going to give birth to God’s plans. All that God has planned has to come in order. The Lord is coming for His bride, a bride without spots and blemish. His Body needs to be cleansed, healed and restored if that is going to happen. The different callings and the gifts of the Spirit must function as God has planned. We can read in Joel 2 that everybody should walk on the path that is planned for them. No one should push the other aside. All are conscious of the zeal and everybody does what they are supposed to do. I receive a picture from the Holy Spirit of many pregnant people birthing children.

I believe that 2013 will be a year of many births.

I think it is important that you become conscious of what God wants you to do. That probably means that you must change a few things in life and might have to make some important decisions. The Lord comes soon and He can’t allow you to go around pregnant anymore. If we want to see a revival, His children must be where they are supposed to be in order to receive the revival. The first thing we have to do is to be obedient to Him who has called us. We must also give the Lord the first place in our lives. We have to get rid of all the hindrances in our lives and be sure that the devil has no place in us. The Lord wants to heal our wounds, prepare the bride and His army.


Mother Else