Do you feel secure?

15th of March

Some people will ask: Secure, in connection to what? That is a good question since we can feel very secure in some situations, but very insecure and fearful in others. We can also be very comfortable with some people, but feel very uncomfortable and insecure with others. Others seem to be very secure on the outside, but they keep a façade in order to hide their insecurity. They hesitate to show this side of themselves to others. Everybody doesn’t even know that they are insecure since they have no contact with these feelings in themselves. I repeatedly come back to the subconscious. Many of our reactions have their roots in the subconscious. Are you going to write about psychology now? No, not really, but all psychology is not wrong. I have asked the Holy Spirit to filtrate my knowledge about psychology. I listened yesterday to a preacher who talked about our real image on the inside and the ideal image that we want to show others. If the distance is too big between the two images, we definitely have a problem and we need help. We must seek God and maybe He will use people to help us as well.

Do you dare to be honest? That is a necessity if you should ask yourself and God about your insecurity. Many people have a need to control others. We often call them “control-freaks”. When I ask the Holy Spirit for the reason behind this behavior, He often answers and says that they are very insecure and their foundation is not a solid and balanced one. The more insecure, the more they have a need to control. I am allergic to control since I have been under that too much. When I knew the root of control-freaks’ behavior, it was easier to forgive them. God doesn’t want us to be controlling nor does He want us to be insecure. He has created us in His image and He is very secure and is very much in balance.

A small child needs a lot of love, the right boundaries and a lot of feed-back. We actually need these things our whole life, but it is very essential when our personality is formed. The child needs physical contact and stable parents, giving the child a secure up-bringing. Many children are to-day raised in homes where the parents are divorced and maybe their grandparents also were divorced. The children nor their parents are brought up in harmony and in a secure atmosphere.

Insecurity can become like a curse in a family.

Jesus broke all curses on the Cross and we can do the same in His name. I f we haven’t had stable and secure parents, we might think that God is like them and we lack a complete trust in Him and His Word. We might think that His promises are for everybody else, but not for me. That is a serious lie that has to be broken in the name of Jesus.

When you were born again, you received a new daddy that is perfect and has everything you ever dreamt of. This daddy wants to form you into the image that He has for you and the picture He had in mind when He formed you. You must choose to come to Him and be with Him and give Him full access to your life. He never functions as a dictator, but wants to help you to become an independent person with a free will and He will help you in your decision-making. Your new daddy is full of love and He will help you to walk and stay on the “Jesus-road”.

I look upon security as a foundation in the lives of people and if the foundation has wholes, the whole house stands on insecure ground. The Lord wants to repair the foundation in order for us to be stable. You can go to Isaiah 54:10-14. The Lord will rebuild you with stones of turquoise and make a foundation of sapphires. He will surround you with walls of precious stones. He has made a covenant of peace with us and grounded us in righteousness. Some people might have the interpretation of the different stones, but I don’t, but I do know that He wants to use very valuable and precious stones since He values us so highly. God has made a covenant with you and me as His children. This covenant is built on the blood of Jesus and everything that belongs to Him is ours and everything that belongs to us is His. We can easily see that what He can offer, is worth much more than what we can offer. Our daddy says that He loves us with an eternal love (Jeremiah 31:3) and He loved us even when we were sinners. If we can’t believe that we are totally loved, we lack something very foundationally. We Christians have to feed ourselves with all the words from the Bible talking about God’s unconditional love for us. God is not angry and He is not there to punish us. On the contrary, He sent His Son to take the punishment for all our wrong-doings. He paid the price and we have free access to our daddy at any time. The Bible says in Matthew 18:3 that we should become like little children and our daddy wants us to come to Him with great trust and we can tell Him everything.

Faith, confidence and security belong together.

As children of God, we should first and foremost be secure in our relationship with God. We can rest in Him. The Bible talks about the rest that faith gives. The one who trust his daddy, does not need to fear. (Heb.4:1) Fear and insecurity belong together. 1.John 4:18 says that perfect love drives out fear. You can lay down, sit, walk or stand, but open all your rooms and invite His love to fill you. He comes without demanding anything from you and without any restrictions of love.

Do not hinder His love to fill and penetrate you!

Choose to be with Him who loves you more than anybody else. Try to avoid people who criticize you, show contempt, look down on you and make you feel insecure and bad. They tear down what the Lord tries to build up. I am not talking about a healthy correction in the right spirit. If you are secure, you can receive a correction without being wounded and starting to defend yourself. Most of us have built a lot of walls, defending our vulnerability and insecurity. We think we can cover up our insecurity by being very secure, but this will often end up in an attitude of pride or stubbornness. The more we defend ourselves, the easier it is for the other person to discover our vulnerability. When I listen to two people in an argument, I think I hear two people who are shooting arrows at the other from a position of hurt and insecurity. Many marriages are broken in this way. They might believe that attack is the best defense. If we could trust God more, we would be able to show others more of our vulnerable side. I have no problems with people who say that they are afraid and insecure, but I have problems with those who shoot arrows of accusations from their wounds. If you have a constant need for defending yourself, ask the Holy Spirit to show you the reason and seek help for the root problem. I am longing for honesty in the body of Christ and I know that many non-believers are seeking people who are real. None of us manages everything and none of us are perfect. I believe that most of us have one or more areas where we feel insecure. That’s why we need Jesus. He is our rescuer, our Savior, our defense-lawyer and our brother. I write brother with small letters since He chose to come down to us humans as a human-being identifying with us. He knows how it feels when you feel insecure, but He wants you to look upon Him as the Rock of your life.


Mother Else