Why am I here on this earth, part 3?

1st of December

I closed last chapter by saying that our mouth and hands should be used in service for God.

I referred to Mark 16.

I want to write even more about our tongue. You can look up James 3. He compares the tongue with a bit in the mouth of a horse or a small fire setting fire to an entire forest. He also compares it with a rudder steering the whole boat. God has made Himself dependant on us. He very seldom talks to people with an audible voice, but He is using us, His children to talk to people. God speaks to us through His Word and to our spirit. He can also speak to us through other people. They might use their spiritual gifts of prophesy, a word of knowledge or a word of wisdom.

God Himself created the world by ONE Word. “He spoke and the world became visible.”

Our tongue directs the life of each individual, but we can also create both positive and negative things by our words.

I counsel people and they will often refer to something that their mother and father said when they were small or to their partner or friend when they became adult. It can either be positive or negative. The words have in both cases meant a lot and formed their future life. Especially children take the words of their parents as truths. We can read in Proverbs 18:21 that death and life are in the power of the tongue. What we are saying create either life or death in ourselves or in others. If we all the time talk about our failures or the things we think God hasn’t done for us, we make the devil happy. He gets some material he can use in his attempts to destroy us. Both God and the devil hear what we say. God has made Himself dependant on our tongue. With our tongue we can change the spiritual atmosphere around us. That happens through PRAYER, but also TROUGH THE WORDS THAT WE SPEAK. When I come to a new place, I can sense if the place is governed by positive or negative powers. The words spoken there, will stay in the atmosphere. Words do not disappear by themselves. Jesus said in Matt. 12:36 “But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will account of it in the day of judgment.” I will quickly tell you how you can get rid of those words that you regret. You confess them as sin and they will disappear by the Blood of Jesus. If not, they will stay in the atmosphere as a tool in the hand of the devil. God does not remember that which is confessed. LET US CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE AROUND US BY SPEAKING “GODINSPIRED” WORDS.

Every person who has received Jesus is a part on the Body of Christ and every part is important. Quite a few do not know what they are or which function they have. Some say that it really doesn’t matter as long as they belong to Jesus. I should become very upset if I should discover that my baby had toes instead of fingers on the hand or an arm instead of a leg. It would get quite dramatic if the child lacked the brain or the heart. These parts are not seen, but you cannot live without them. If a congregation lacks the heart, the congregation would die out. Each one of us is here to take a special place of THE BODY and to have a special function. I can hear some of you say: “But I do not know what I am supposed to do.” Have you asked the Holy Spirit? Pray and maybe you can talk to somebody a little more mature than yourself. When we are children, we can test something and make mistakes. When we mature, the goal of our lives should become clear. WE CAN ASK FOR DREAMS AND VISIONS IN ORDER FOR US TO KNOW HOW TO USE OUR LIVES.

I have mentioned what all the believers should do, but each and everyone of us has specific

functions. What you can see is not always the most important ones. It is also important to avoid comparison. DON’T TRY TO FUNCTION AS A FOOT IF YOU ARE AN ARM.

We are all the feet of Jesus here on the earth. Some are asked to walk more and further than others. At the time of Jesus they walked on foot from place to another. Today we can use all kinds of different means of transportation in order to reach the world with the Gospel. There are still places where they have not heard about Jesus. He will not come back before everyone has heard. The use of radio and television quickens this process. Even poor people can have a television set and the Gospel is preached in many areas where they never had a missionary. I recommend people to support those who preach the Gospel by means of radio and television. They reach so many. The devil pollute the world with so many bad programs, and we, Christians, have to ask for wisdom in order to make good programs that attract many viewers.

Many Christians are only engaged in their own world. They forget that there is a world to be reached.

I have traveled to other countries and seen many Christian schools, orphanages and hospitals. I do not say that we cannot find good voluntary work by others, but I have mostly observed the Christians. When I was in India, I saw both Muslims and Hindi people sending their children to Christian schools. They said that they have a high standard. People are helped by feeding programs, clothing and various help-projects such as getting water and farming projects. Many are taught a craft in order to have an income. Many Christian organizations have a fantastic work all over the world. I have talked to quite a few pastors in India and some of them had lived a part of their lives in an orphanage. They came from a family with another religion, but they grew up in a Christian atmosphere and got to know Jesus as their friend and Savior. They had an intimate relationship to Jesus and talked to Him as other children talk to their parents. There are millions of people that either would have been dead or suffered terribly if Christians hadn’t been there to help. AS THE CHILDREN OF GOD WE SHOULD CHANGE THE WORLD. THE GOSPEL SHOULD BE PREACHED AND PRACTISED.

Some of us have been called to other countries, but it does not matter where we are. We are called to be JESUS PERSONS. The world lay in darkness and we are called to bring light into the darkness all over the world. Jesus lives on the inside of us and no matter where we are, Jesus is also. He lives in us and He works in us and through us. WE ARE HIS CHANNELS.

Some people try to hide Jesus when they are outside the church building. They might raise their hands and worship Jesus and they might pray a little extra loud when they attend the meeting, but when they meet other people, they hide Him under a blanket in fear of being mocked and laughed at. If this is you, I want to remind you of the following Bible verses in Matt. 10:32+33 “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.” I feel that I write this to a certain person. “Confess your sin and pray that the Holy Spirit fills you with power and boldness and stop hiding the most precious person in your life.”

Every child of God has the Light inside of us. I saw a picture in the Spirit a long time ago. It was a dark forest, but then it was slowly light up by small paths. These paths represented the believers. When many were together, the path became wide as a road. We know that a small light brakes the darkness. When the electricity is gone in India, only a small candle is enough

for me to walk around in a huge room. DO NOT SAY THAT YOU ARE WITHOUT INFLUENCE AND IMPORTANCE.


Mother Else