What shall we do when we undress?

1st of February

I had already written more on the subject of dressing and undressing when I got a question about how. What do we do in order to get rid of undisirable things and how do we put on Biblical clothes? I thought that the question was very appropriate, but I couldn’t give a simple answer. I started to pray for an answer that would be of help both for the one who asked and for the rest of my readers. We can often use a Biblical language and we might not know exactly what we mean by the words used. We are in this case using a daily act in order to symbolize spiritual truths. When I sit down to write about this, I do not have all the answers, but have called upon the Holy Spirit, my Helper and I choose to trust Him.

I started to think about what I do before I get dressed in the morning. The first thing I do is to open my drawers and my closet and look for my underwears, stockings, slacks, jumpers, skirts and my earrings. I look at them and wonder which one to choose and I want to match the colours. I am also looking at the thermometer outside the kitchen window. How many degrees do we have to-day? I am in other words collecting some information before I am making a decision. Then I make a CHOICE. I believe that the word to choose is a key word.

THE FIRST THING THAT WE HAVE TO DO IS TO MAKE A CHOICE. WHAT DO WE WANT TO GET RID OF AND WHICH CLOTHES DO WE WANT TO PUT ON? Many people do not like to make a decision. They find it hard to do so. It can be a small desicion in a shop or bigger decisions that can have great consequences. Some of it can be part og insecurity, but other times can it be a spiritual resistance, especially in important matters. I have worked with people who are having a problem of dependency. It might have been alcohol,drugs, nicotin or sex. It can be a very hard decision to stop since the withdrawal symptoms can become very bad. They might ask others for help in the undressing process and even in getting the clean clothes on. (I hope that you understand the symbolism.) This can be done by praying for the person and in much love. The Word becomes very important and deliverance can become very necessary. I “undressed” a young man before he had clean clothes to put on. He lacked knowledge of the Word and some basic teaching. The clothes came off, but he stood there “naked” and did not know what to do when the tempter came. He put on the dirty clothes that he was used to walk in. He had made a choice, but did not know how to use the new clothes. The devil had put some “food” in the rattrap and he tasted the “food” and he was caught before he knew it. He did not get killed and is fortunately functioning to-day.

WE WILL FIRST HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE AND THEN WE HAVE TO PRAY. The enemy really want us to use the old clothes and it is therefore important that we THROW THEM AWAY. If they are laying around, we might easily use them again. Col.3 suggests that we seek the things above and not on earth. We should therefore avoid looking at the old “clothes”, but see the beauty in the new ones. To read the Bibel, praying and communing with other Christians are important means in the process of dressing and undressing. The word process is a key word. I was told that I had written about dresing and undressing in a superficial way and it had sounded as something very easy. That is the main reason why I write this now before I continue on the subject.

We can get rid of real clothes in a few minutes, but sin, bad habits and attitudes, wrong thinking and unhealthy emotions can take a long time to get rid of. It might take years before we see full victory in some cases. Most of the time it takes much less and sometimes it take some minutes. In those cases I believe that they have been delivered from a demon. TO BE DELIVERED CAN BE PART OF THE “UNDRESSING”.

I have earlier mentioned that this doen’t have to be dramatic. You might ask somebody with some experience for help. If you have done everything that you know that the Bibel says and the sin is still hanging on, I believe there is a demon. Demons can only be in the soul and in the body(read more about this in the chapter on “spirit, soul and body.”) Keep this in your mind when you continue to read on the subject of “dressing and undressing.”

I have also written about the armor of God from Eph.6:10-18. We are supposed to put this on in order to be strong and stand against the viles of the devil. These defence weapons are important in the fight against the enemy and the sin. We can also read that we should always pray in this chapter. That means that we should always be in contact with our father in Heaven even when we are busy with our daily duties such as jobs, schools etc.

I start every day by covering myself with the Blood of Jesus. It is an act of faith and a symbolical act. I believe that Jesus has conquered the devil by sacrificing His blood on the Cross. It has power even to-day and by covering myself with His blood, I am protected. That protects me and all the other things that I have dressed myself with. That is the armor that hinders the devil to penetrate.

I was also asked to explain in a concrete way how we put on goodness, love and mercy. God’s Spirit said this: “YOU HAVE EVERYTHING HANGING IN YOUR INNER CLOSET.” I have earlier taught you what we have in our born-again spirit, the spirit that is born by God. I wrote that everything that is born by God is perfect and our spirit is therefore perfect. Everything that belongs to God, is planted inside of us. We can go to Gal.5:22 and read about the nine fruits that are mentioned there: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. These are some of the clothes that are hanging in your inner closet. I will also mention many more clothes that you should dress yourself with.

Clothes might be very expensive, but I am usually buying on sale. The clothes that God has given to us are already paid for. They are paid for with a high price, the life that Jesus sacrificed on the Cross. The Bible would never ask us to dress up in some clothes that we didn’t have nor ask us to do something we couldn’t do. WE ARE HAVING THE CLOTHES AND HE HAS GIVEN US THE HOLY SPIRIT AS A HELPER IN THE PROCESS OF DRESSING AND UNDRESSING.

I know that some people hang their new clothes in their closet and then they forget that they have them. The clothes are bought in vain then. Sometimes we treat the clothes that God has given us the same way. You have received Jesus as your Saviour, gotten a new nature and been filled with the Holy Spirit. How can you forget to use your new devine nature?

I recommend you to read the Word and discover all the things that God gave you when you became His child. He has said very clearly what He will do for you and what kind of clothes you have to dress yourself with. BY DRESSING, WE ACTIVATE WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE IN OUR SPIRIT. The Holy Spirit will help you both to see and to do.

The clothes are neither too small, nor too big, but they are especially designed for you.

I mentioned that I look at the thermometer before I get dressed. I advice you to do the same. If it is cold, I think you should put on warm, loving clothes. If the clouds are hanging low, I think you should get dressed in thegarment of joy.


Mother Else