Warnings and explanations

15th of August

To-day I want to write about manifestations that come with revival and why people can have sin and demonic areas in their lives and still operate in the Holy Spirit. Many have asked about this the last weeks and I will answer some of the questions here. I recommend you to read the two chapters on warnings that I wrote earlier this year. I might repeat myself since these chapters belong together. I do not attack any spesific person, but write about these things in general.

I also recommend you to read about the difference between spirit, soul and body. You find them in the very beginning of this web-site. I see more and more how important this teaching is for the Body of Christ. I will remind you of the difference between the soul and the spirit. As saved Christians we have the Spirit og God and since that spirit is born of God, it is perfect. The Kingdom of God has moved into our spirit and our spirit cannot sin. We have gotten a complete new nature with the same DNA as Jesus. Unfortunately, we do not get a new soul. Our soul needs to be renewed every day. Phil.2:12 says that we have to work on our salvation with fear and trembling. Our soul consists of our Godgiven will, our thoughts(mind) and our emotions. We do not get a new body either. Our body consists of our five senses(smell,taste,hearing, seeing and touching.) and all the seen and unseen parts. The body we have to-day will slowly wither after our death, but we will get a glorious one in Heaven. The Bible says that we will recognize each other and that means that the body there and here will be very much alike, but without blemish.

I will go back to what happens when we get saved. We receive Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, confess our sins and receive Jesus as the Atonement for our sins. Many believe that all demons and old habits will disappear automatically. That is unfortunately not so. Demons might run away when you confess sins, but many times that is not a fact. When we look at roots in the natural, we see a complicated root-system. I do not want to make the spiritual world complicated, but many roots are often connected and demons might stay till they are revealed and cast out, not in the perfect spirit naturally. When a person get saved, the old life can loose its power. We have heard many testimonies from old drug addicts. They get filled with a much better and stronger power. If this person has a spesific calling on his or her life, the demon can hide and become quiet until the person gets a known name. Then the demon can become activ and drive the person into a deep sin or manifestations of demonic powers. The damage is great for the person in question, but more seriously, for many, many others too. We have too many examples of known preachers falling in sin or coming under demonic influence. Thousands might have been saved or healed through their ministries. Some of them have lost their ministry. Many people have fallen into sin or lost their faith in God. YOUR FAITH IS NOT IN PEOPLE, BUT IN GOD. DO NOT BLINDLY FOLLOW PEOPLE.

I will share an experience I had right after I received the gift of discernment. I watched a program with a known preacher. Hundreds came forward to receive Jesus. I sensed that something was wrong and had no joy. Right after this I read that he had had sex with prostitutes and I had no doubt that this man had unclean spirits. This same man had long been a spokesman for those who said that Christians cannot have demonic spirits. He unfortunately proved to be wrong. He chose to commit sin and the devil cannot take the blame for it. He himself has to confess and ask for forgiveness. He did this several times, but the sin was repeated. I BELIEVE THAT A TRUE AND HONEST CONFESSION AND DELIVERANCE HAD BEEN THE SOLUTION. The demons sat in his soul and body. A Christian can never be possessed.

Other preachers have lived in infidelity while they were in ministry. They have been on the platform and lead many people to Christ in the evening. They might operate in the gifts of the Spirit, but at night they sleep with another woman. How is it possible? I have a difficult time to understand this, but will try to explain.

God gives us gifts and we can read in Rom.11:29: “The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable.” When this preacher is on the platform, he operates in the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit and these are from God. People ask if the healings are real and if the people are really saved. My answer is: YES. When you repent and receive Jesus, you are saved. You do not receive the preacher in your heart. If the preacher had said that there is another way to God, it would be different. If Jesus is preached and you receive Him, you are saved.

If the preacher point at Jesus and say that He is the healer, you receive healing from Jesus. It is different if you seek healing from another source. The devil can also heal. NO HUMAN BEING CAN NEITHER SAVE NOR HEAL.

The heart of God bleeds when the human channels become unclean and He will often reveal the wrongdoings of His servants. The consequeses become serious for those who have put their trust in human vessels.

To-day revivals and Christian happenings are spread rapidly around the world because of media, especially TV. This can be extremely good, but needs a lot of warnings. Some people do not go to a church and some do not even have the possibility and they believe that Christ is like the person potrayed on television. The one who preaches and the one who is sending has a great resposibility. The apostle Paul says that we see in parts. None of us knows nor sees everything. I wish that especially those on television, but actually all of us were more humble. We say so easily that our way of doing things are the only right way. There is so much pride and God resists the proud. Some say that we must look like drunk people in order to be full of the Spirit. Others say that the only way we can pray is by folding our hands and be on our knees. WE MUST BE OPEN FOR A GREAT VARIETY IN THE BODY OF CHRIST.

We can so easily judge others by saying that they are religious if they worship in a different way than ourselves, but all kinds of manifestations can become religious. Do they come from the Spirit? One guideline is: IS JESUS AND THE WORD OF GOD IN FOCUS? ARE YOU MANIPULATED TO DO THINGS THAT ARE NOT RIGHT FOR YOU? We are so hungry to see the power of God manifested that we swallow all manifestations and think that all voices come from God. WE MUST NEVER FORGET THAT WE ALL CAN RECEIVE INFLUENCES FROM OUR FLESH, GOD AND DEMONS. If we are not delivered from our old life, we can receive spiritual revelations that we interpret as godly. I can hear some of you say: But what about the signs and wonders? If Jesus is said to be the Healer, they are true. The weed and the grass can grow up side by side. We do not need to throw away the grass because the weeds are there. The fact is that we need a much greater discernment in the Body of Christ, especially among the leaders. Please stand together with me and pray for this.

KEEP CLOSE TO JESUS AND HE WILL STAY CLOSE TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother Else