Trust in Him!

15th of November

I am writing this sermon for you as well as for myself. I am in a situation right now where I cannot rely on people, but only on HIM, MY SAVIOUR AND REDEEMER. I will feed us both with Bible-verses that can build our faith in Him.

I had planned to start with psalm 37:5, but my eyes luckily fell on a couple of previous verses. There we read: “Trust in the Lord, and do good. Dwell in the land, and feed on His fatihfulness.” I am so glad that I saw this verse. We can easily become very passive in situations where we do not know exactly where to go. The Lord is saying: “DO GOOD!” I do not know if you have ever become introvert, but I have many times. Why is this happening to me? So and so person gets so blessed. Why not me? I have prayed and prayed. Why doesn’t God answer ME? My focus can slowly shift from God to me and I can start to contemplate my own navel. This does not come from God, but from another source. God says: “Do good!” Our first priority and focus should be the Lord. It is Him we should trust and rely on. Do we believe that what He says in His Word is true and is written to you and me? We are so often taking the Word lightly and act as if it is written for somebody else. WE CAN FORGET THAT WE AS HIS CHILDREN LIVE IN AN ETERNAL COVENANT WITH HIM.

Maybe you are desperately waiting for an answer to your prayers right now. DO NOT SIT PASSIVELY WAITING, BUT DO GOOD. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how you can practice this Word. Whom can you bless? Do you know of anybody who needs your encouragement? Is there anybody to whom you can mail or send a sms with some encouraging words? Maybe a word from the Bible. Some people might need to hear how clever they are. Others might need to be reminded of how valuable they are and that you appreciate them so much.

Do you have an overflow of food, clothes or money? I do not believe that you should keep that for yourself. It is written that the Sower gives seed to sow. I think that this goes for all areas of life. YOU ARE BLESSED IN ORDER TO BE A BLESSING. What do you have that can used by your neighbour? I have time right now. How can I use this time to do good?

I love to pray and I know that this is one way in which I can bless others. I pray directly for many and I see that God answers prayers. I help others through councelling and I hope that I bless you by writing. I love to give small gifts and I pray for more money in order to give bigger gifts. Right now I ask God if there is something He wants me to do or not to do. The last is just as important.

We can read the fourth verse in psalm 37. That goes like this: “Delight yourself also in the Lord. And He shall give you the desires of your heart.” It does not say that we should be lazy and sit with our hands in the lap, becoming depressed. No, we should greatly rejoice in the Lord. The world can have fun, but often in sinful things. Our way is to delight in the Lord. It might not always be easy to understand how we do that. I recently participated in the Feast of Tabernacle in Jerusalem. There I really understood how I could rejoice in the Lord. It was dancing, music and praise and worship. It was a real party and we could use all parts of us. The Spirit rejoiced, the soul enjoyed itself and the body moved in praise. We could really say: “That all that is within me is praising Him.” Should I stop doing that when I come home? No, absolutely not. I can rejoice in the Lord every day. It might seem so much easier when we are many together , but God is the same even when we are alone and the JOY LIVES ON THE INSIDE OF US. That joy is not dependant on where we are or how many we are. We must ask the Holy Spirit for help to draw water from the well inside of us.

Did you read what will happen then? God will give you the desires of your heart. I received a prophesy a couple of months back. It said that I should get all I my needs met, emotionally, spiritually and in practical areas of my life. At that moment I needed to hear that, but The Word says the same in so many places. God, Himself, has many times asked me what I want lately. I do believe that He knows since it says in Matt.6:8 that the Father knows what you have need of before you ask Him, but He wants to hear it from me. He want me to be very specific and I ask the same question to others now: What do you want? If our petition is in accordance with the Word of God, we know that we will have what we ask for. There are many who write down their petitions on one page with a date behind and the answer on the other page, also with a date. Unfortunately there are people who do not clearly know what they want. They might say: “I want a good life.” Yes, everybody wants a good life, but what is good for me is not necessarily good for you. I love India and I get very happy when I see Indians. Others look depressed and say: “How can you go to India? It is so hot and dirty. Yes, that is true, but I love them. Others say: “I want to get married.” When I ask more, they do not know exactly why they want that or what kind of man or woman they want. We must not forget that God sends out His angels on our behalf and He can organize a meeting between two people when He knows what they want. WHEN WE ARE CONCRETE, GOD CAN GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT.

Go to psalm 145:19 and read that God will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him. He does not mean that we should be afraid of Him, but have respect and honor Him. It continues to say that He hears their cry and saves them. In verse 20 it says that He preserves all who love Him. We have now gotten an element of respect and love. I do know that I love the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, not enough, but I love THEM. THEN I KNOW THAT HE HEARS ME ANSWERS ME AND PROTECTS ME.

We can go back to psalm 37 and the fifth verse: “Commit your way to the Lord. Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass.” In order to commit, we have to trust. When my children were small, I did not ask just anybody to babysit for my children. I had to rely on that person. My children were the most precious thing I had. I have rented out my home a few times, but I learned the hard way that I was’nt careful enough. I committed my things to the wrong people.

I CAN ALWAYS TRUST GOD AND THREFORE I CAN COMMIT MY WAY TO THE LORD. That means that I can give Him everything that is within me and everything I own. In other words: ALL MY LIFE, MY PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE.

It is referred to Matt.6:25 where it says that we should not worry about anything, not about food, clothing, work etc. What will God have us do then? In Matt.6:33 we read: “SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED TO YOU.” I discovered yesterday that I was seeking God’s kingdom first, but I did not expect to get all the other things added to me. That’s where I need grace to have faith right now.

I will mention one more verse and that is: Phil.4:19: “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. We see here that we are serving a RICH God. He is not poor and He wants to fill all our needs. We can see ourselves coming to Him with empty vessels and He will fill them gloriously.


Mother Else