The Woman, part 7

15th of June

Part 7.

This will be a summary of the previous chapters.

I started to make you aware of the fact that you are created by God. It is God who formed us and He was very satisfied with the result. He is still satisfied. He has never regretted that He created you and me as women. He thinks that we are beautiful and we are so different than the men. We are special. He has created us with different functions and with different tasks. What God is doing is always perfect. We have to stop complaining about the job God has been doing. Since it is God Who made us different, we have to stop comparing us with the men, but ask the Holy Spirit to help us to find our identity as a woman. There are a lot of things that go wrong when we try to compare ourselves with the man. We will never be like him and we are therefore wasting our time and energy on a project that never will succeed. It is important that we take back our roles and raise boys to become boys and girls to become girls. The role-patterns are wiped out and one reason might be that so many women feel worthless being a woman. When we experience to be stepped on, we defend ourselves. I pray that the Holy Spirit will show women how important they are in the eyes of God. Do you know how pleased God is with you? Do you know how much He loves women? If we could grasp that, it would be easier for us to find our identity in our own sex.


I do not believe that it is so wrong for girls to play with dolls and boys to play with cars. Girls are later becoming mothers. I am not saying that girls should not play with cars. So many of us will have to drive later in life and we might become very good drivers. In spite of saying this, I do believe that certain interests are inherited and not only dependant on environment and how you are raised. God knew how He wanted to use us.

Women are made to become WIVES. She and a man should become ONE. They should complement one another. I do believe that both men and women can do domestic work and both can work outside the home, but the man was originally the one who was providing for the family and she was the one who had the responsibility for the home and the children. We always have to go back to God and ask Him what He was thinking when He created us. His original plan should be in the bottom also to-day. One can agree on certain adjustments, but always include God. The structures of society have changed and they might not always be pleasing to God.

I wrote that the wife is there for her husband and he is there for her. They should look at the other part as part of themselves. I said that if a man hits his wife, he is actually hitting himself since they are one. I said that the husband should give himself to his wife as Christ gives Himself to the Church, His Bride.

She is the receiver of the life-giving seed of her husband and a baby is formed in her stomach. God has formed her to become a MOTHER. Our bodies are created to prepare us for motherhood. Once a month we have menses, an unproductive egg is released. Many of us would like to be without this time of the month , but when I realized that God had made me like this so that I could give birth to another life, it became a privilege instead of a curse. It is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

We are created to carry a child, give birth to it and to nourish the child the first period of its life. It is quite obvious that God wanted a close relationship between a mother and her child. I have a little advice to you: Do not forget that you have a husband. Without him, there would be no child. I know that the child takes a lot of time, but you can still give your husband some quality-time. You are both responsible for raising the child and it is important that you agree on how to raise your children.

I wrote quite a lot about Jesus and His relationship towards women. He had female friends and He never looked down on them. He forgave their sins and He did not condemn them. He also gave them their dignity back. He never kept any blessings away from them. They were forgiven and healed just as much as a man.

I wrote about Ruth and Esther. Ruth showed great love towards her mother-in-law and later her husband, Boaz. She was a very friendly and humble woman. Ruth was also very helpful.

Esther was a very beautiful Jewish woman. She became a Queen and the King was very pleased with her. Her Jewish people were threatened to be killed and she was willing to risk her own life in order to save her people. She found favor with the King and she told him to save the Jewish people and kill those who were a threat to them. She was a very wise and courageous woman.

I could have mentioned many more women from the Bible. One example is the mother of Jesus, Mary. She could have been stoned and she might have lost her fiancée since she got pregnant without being married. The grace of God was over both of them and they both had a visitation of an angel, explaining the situation for them. Some people worship Mary more than Jesus and we must never do that, but she is worthy a great “thank you” for her sacrifice and willingness.

Many people are talking about the judge, Deborah. We can read about her in the Judges. She was also a prophetess and a Mother in Israel. They needed spiritual mothers at that time as well as to-day. We need both spiritual mothers and fathers to be there for the new-born babies. You must be careful in order not to make them dependant on you, but on Jesus. You must help them to grow in Him – our daily source of Life.

I have mentioned the nine fruits of the Spirit. It is desirable for a woman of God to walk in the Spirit and then we will see these fruits coming forth. She is supposed to love God more than anything and then her neighbor as herself.

I have not written much about women in ministry, but have referred to Gal. 5:28. We are neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free, neither man nor woman, but we are One in Christ. I am sure that men and women receive the same gifts of the Spirit. We might express ourselves a little different, but the context is the same. I have no revelation on the saying of Paul that the man should be the head of the woman as Christ is the Head of the Body. Since I do not know, I lay this question aside. What I do know is that women should function in many more gifts and minister on a much higher level in the Spirit than what we see do-day. We will often see that the Body of Christ is jumping on one leg since the other leg is not in function.

Many women are intercessors and that takes strength and endurance. It can also be quite a fight in the Spirit. A man can be a Bride and a woman can be part of the Army of God. I am longing to see each woman finding her place in the Body of Christ and then functioning as that part should do. Ask God to show you which part you are and then find a congregation where you can practice the gifts God has given you. Do not dig down your talent.


Mother Else