The Woman, part 1

15th of March

Part 1

It came as a shock when God started to talk to me about raising women in the Body of Christ in order for them to rise to another level. I had often thought of groups of women as feminists and was a little against pure womee groups and conferences. “BOTH MEN AND WOMEN HAVE TO STAND TOGETHER AS ONE,” I said. I still stand for that as a principle, but see that the reality is different.

When I started to travel around India, I saw a strong suppression of women both inside and outside of the Body of Christ. I, myself, was well received, but what about the Indian woman?

At home I saw one or no women as part of the staff in big “faith-churches”. Many mature women were frustrated and they had a call that was not released. When God opened my eyes for these things, I understood that something was very wrong within the Body of Christ. I, myself, took a step of faith into the calling God had called me to many years back. I am called to be a mother in the Body of Christ. As long as I was in the cafeteria everything was fine, but when I started to travel and teach and minister to people, “hell was loose”. I then understood that it is still the men that rule in the Body of Christ. I had many questions. Are they afraid to loose their positions? I do not believe that we are alike, but I do believe the word from Gal.3:28; “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you are all ONE IN JESUS CHRIST.” We are in other words one in the spiritual.

There is no doubt that God has formed us differently. The men have more muscles. He can seldom keep his focus on more than one thing at a time. The woman can think of many things at the same time. Our emotional lives are also a little different. That does not mean that the women cry a lot and the men never cry and are rational. We still have to admit that the hormones affect our emotions as well as our bodies. We can find many books on the differences between the sexes in any Christian book-shop. In marriage it is very important to know how men and women think and act. Then we can understand and respect each other better. I repeat that I strongly believe that we are ONE IN CHRIST.

I will go back to the origin.


We can go to Genesis 1 and 2. In Gen.1:27 it is written that God created man in His image. He created them to be man and woman. He created the woman of another material than the man. He created the man from the dust of the earth, but the woman was formed from a rib of Adam. The rib is placed close to the heart and I believe the woman should be close to the heart of her man. The woman was formed by a better material, but they are both created by God.

God asked Adam to give names to all the animals and finally he said about the woman in Gen.2:23: “This is now bone of my bones And flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man.” Adam was asleep while God formed the woman, so he had nothing to do with the creation of her. We are created exactly the way God wanted us to look and function. WHAT GOD HAS CREATED IS PERFECT. God has not created a man to reproduce himself and the whole of humanity would have stopped there if He had not created the woman. God has created us in a way that a man and a woman are dependant on each other in order to create new children. Many homosexuals are saying that they are created that way, but that was not in God’s original plan. No, He created us as man and woman and said that what He had created was “EXTREMELY GOOD”. God was very pleased with the result. It does not say any place that He looked at the man and thought that he was perfect and when He saw the woman He thought: “This I could have done better.” No, He is very pleased with the result of His creation. SHE IS LIKE A BEAUTIFUL WORK OF ART.

I will write some thoughts about how we women look upon ourselves. There are so many women who are disappointed with their looks. That is sinful. We are then saying that the Creator has done a bad job. We can naturally ruin our bodies by eating the wrong things or too much or misuse alcohol, nicotine or drugs. This is sinful and has to be confessed as sin. That is necessary in order to be healed and set free. Sometimes we need the help of the Holy Spirit to show us why we do these things. God will always go to the root of the problem. There is no help to shake off the leaves in the upper part of the tree. This is a big theme, but right now I want to focus on the perfect in the creation of God. If we women complain about how we look all the time, we criticize God and we become unhappy. Many women are unfortunately unhappy.

DID YOU EVER THANK GOD FOR CREATING YOU AS A WOMAN? You have not come to this earth by coincidence. No, Your Creator has planned you and thought about every little detail. He knows that we are not alike, and when He created You, it was You who was needed on this earth. WELCOME TO THIS EARTH AS A WOMAN OF GOD!!!!!!!!!


Since I know the Indian culture quite well, I will write about the Indian women.

When a girl is borne, the parents are will seldom hear “congratulation”. A Hindu can divorce his wife if she does not give him a boy. They lack the knowledge that he is actually the carrier of the sexes. A woman could before take ultrasound during her pregnancy, but not to-day unless it is very necessary. When they saw that she was pregnant with a girl, she often would take an abortion. I heard about a pastor and his wife. They had ordered a time for abortion since she expected a girl. While they were sitting there, the Holy Spirit came and said that they must not do that and they left the hospital. They praise the Lord for that to-day.

It is still a tradition in India that the parents arrange the marriage of their son or daughter.

The man and his family can demand a big sum of money from her and her family. In other words: The woman has to pay in order to get married.

They do not practice the word in the Bible that says that the man should leave his parents and keep to his wife. She has to leave her family and move into his family. The man and the wife might not know each other well and his family are strangers to her. You will often see that the bride cry on her wedding because she is afraid. She is also supposed to cry in order to show that she is sorry for leaving her family. We are now talking about the tradition.

When I held a women’s conference in India, God showed me that all Indian women are borne under a curse of rejection. This was like a wound in the bottom and many other rejections could come on top of this one. I broke this curse over the women attending the conference. I also spoke to pastors in India and told them to brake it over the women in their congregations.

I will continue to brake this curse and to raise up women in the Body of Christ in India.

Quite a few girls get an education, but many are used in child’s labor.

Women are suppressed in many countries and in some countries they do not get an education, at least not on a higher level. In some religions and cultures they are looked upon as something to use and then throw away. They can also be used as slaves. A man can satisfy his sinful desires, but he does not love nor respect the woman. In some places she is treated worse than an animal. They have not understood the biblical principles that THEY SHOULD BOTH MULTIPLY AND HAVE DOMINION.


Mother Else