The Soul, part 5

March 18th

Part 6 of Spirit, Soul and Body



I will not be able to write about all the reasons, but will describe some of the main groups.

We did not have any wounds in our soul nor any sicknesses in our body before Adam and Eve fell in sin. We are created in the image of God and what He has created is perfect. It is our sin and the works of the devil that cause wounds and sicknesses.


All of us have inherited certain things from our family and some of the things we might very well be without.

There are certain sicknesses running in the family. Doctors are often asking about this.

If I talk to a person misusing alcohol, he will often say that it runs in the family.

In other families there are many divorces.

I have lately heard about many deaths in the same family and all in an age much too early to die. Some of them died in the same way or at the same place. I don’t believe that to be a coincidence. I am now referring to Christians.

In other families you will often find small or bigger accidents occurring. You might be one of those who says: ” Why always me?”

I have heard of families with lots of quarrels and hostility. It becomes worse when somebody dies and the inheritance is to be divided.

Somebody said: ” In our family everybody is afraid of something. My grandmother did not want to go out, my mother was afraid to take a bus and tram alone and I do not dare to fly.

I am sure that you have your own sayings about what runs in your family.

I HAVE GOOD NEWS. GENERATIONAL CURSES CAN BE BROKEN IN THE NAME OF JESUS. In Gal.3:13 it is written that Jesus has redeemed us from the curse of the law and He has become a curse for us. Generational curses can end with us and we can become free and healed.

If there is a demon there, we can ask for forgiveness on behalf of the family and command the demon to leave and never to come back. In a process like this, we must fill ourselves with the Word of God and have communion with Jesus and other Christians.


Sin is the biggest entrance for the devil to our soul and body. It might be our own sin or that of others.

When you got saved, you probably confessed sins. I know of cases where the demons leave when you confess sins, but it is not always so. If you were a drug-addict or a prostitute for example, I cannot guarantee you that all demons leave automatically in the moment of salvation. I will guarantee you that a demon will not leave unless you confess the sin behind it and forgive others who have sinned against you.

Never start to cast out demons unless this is done. I have seen people talking to a demon for hours and that can be very painful for everybody involved.

We as Christians should live in a daily cleansing from sin. It is the same as going to the toilet. We get rid of the poison.

I will not go into details of all the sins, but thank God for the fact that Jesus has cleansed me from all my sins on the Cross.(Is.53:4+5)


Not every new-born baby is wanted. There are unfortunately many making an abortion to-day, and even if many are aborted before they are born, still many are not wanted by their mother and father. In some countries they look down on a woman giving birth to a girl. That creates a common rejection of all girls in that country. If there is a rejection in the family too, you are really bound to get a big wound in the soul.

One can look upon that as a root and on that root grows a tree and the tree has many branches and birds are making nests in the branches. The birds are symbolizing demons. The branches can represent family-members, friends, teachers, husband/wife, colleagues, and bosses. Maybe some branches are reaching into the church.

When you are rejected, you will get a bad self-image. One does not trust in the love of others and maybe you feel ugly.

There have been authors writing books about rejection, but I will just mention it as a big reason for wounds and demonic activity in the soul. It can destroy a person if he or she does not get help. One will little by little doubt everybody and interpret everything in a negative way.

Rejection creates a lot of fear and anxiety. It is sometimes easier to identify with the fear since the pain of rejection might be hidden in the subconscious.

I know by experience that God can heal wounds, burn the tree and command the birds to fly away. When they have no nest to return to, they will not come back.

We read in Is. 43:1 that God called Jacob by name. It is written in verse four that he was precious in the Eyes of God. Rejected people need an ocean of love from God and people in order to be healed and feel secure. Our picture of God must be right in order to receive all the love that He wants to give us. In Rom.8:38+39 it says that NOTHING can separate us from the Love of God.


Mother Else

This subject continues on the 28th of March.