Prayer, part 3

Part 3

I closed last time by reffering to Eph. 6:18 where it says that we should pray always in the Spirit. I said that we always can pray in tongues even when we do other things. You may say: “I can’t pray in tongues or God hasn’t given me the tongues.” Do you know that God had intended that every Christian should pray in tongues? Look up Mark 16:17. It says that we should drive out demons and speak with new tongues. It actually says that these are signs that should follow the believers. We read in Acts 2 that they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in new tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. EVERYBODY WHO WAS FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT PRAYED IN NEW TONGUES. The same thing happens to-day. We get a language as a gift, a language that we do not have to study. This language has brought me great blessings. I feel that I have a battery on the inside, a battery that I am charging every time I pray. The more I pray, the more I am charging. When I pray in tongues, the Spirit starts to show me how to pray and what to pray for. The tongues are like a door-opener to the gifts of the Spirit. I also understand more of the Bible when I pray in tongues. I pray in tongues quite often when I am writing to you. THE TONGUES ARE A PRAYER LANGUAGE. I do not always understand the words I pray, but I do know that I pray according to the will of God when I pray in tongues. My daughters started quite early to pray in tongues. They have told me that they quite often prayed in tongues when they felt threatended on the way home from school and they built up a wall of protection around themselves.

Sometimes I feel that I do not have enough words when I want to praise God. I am so happy that I can use the Heavenly language as a suppliment. I have experienced that the more I use this language, the more words I get. I only got a few words in the beginning. Others get a lot and cannot stop praying for hours. I do believe that God’s language is the richest and the most varied language in the world. God sometimes use the tongues to speak other languages. We have all heard or experienced that when a person prays in tongues, a person from another country understands what is said. This has in some cases led to the fact that he or she got saved. Sometimes the purpose was to bring healing or encouragement. I have recited poems through the tongues. This has reached the depth of some people.

It is actually possible to pray in tongues without being very spiritual. It is a dangerous ditch. When we are forming words, we get them from out brain. The tongues come from our Spirit and we can think of everything else, but God. When people pray like that, it sounds mechanical. We must thank God for the gift of the tongues. They are holy and must be treated with respect.

The devil has also a prayer language. Several religions have sounds like the tongues and others pray written prayers and they repeat them. I once sat beside a Buddhist munk on a train in India. We both prayed in the morning, but not to the same God.

I want to go back to Eph. 6:18. We should pray always and in the next sentence we can read that we should have perseverance.It is referred to Luke 18 where we read the story about the widow who never gave up. She went to the judge to get justice for her adversary. The judge got tired of this widow coming to him night and day and finally gave her what she wanted. In verse 6-8 the Lord says: “Hear what the unjust judge said. And shall God not avenge His own elect who cry out day and night to Him, though He bears long with them. I tell you that He will avenge them speedily.” Some people think that we cannot nag God. He might be so much more busy with things that are far more important than my supplications. No, that is not the case. He wants us to persist and not to give up before the answers are there. Most of the times there is a resistance in the spirit-world. Do you remember Daniel? He confessed the sins of the people and prayed for the grace of God. God heard his prayers right away, but three weeks passed before the answer came. It was a demonic prince over Persia and he fought against the answer. Angels were sent to fight him. Maybe there is a fight against your answers. God wants us to be aware and not to give up. Do you remember Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane? You can read about that in Matt.26:36-46 and in Luke 22:39-46. All the disciples were together with Jesus, but He only asked Peter and the sons of Zebedee to stay awake and pray with Him. The sons of Zebedee are James and John. Jesus was struck with fear since He knew what was waiting Him, great suffering and a death for our sins. He asked them to stay awake and pray three times, but they fell asleep every time. Do you know that Jesus was praying and fighting like no one else ever did? In the gospel of Luke it says that His sweat became like big drops of blood falling on the ground. He finally turned His will over to the will of the Father. He was in such a great agony that an angel came to strenghten Him. Men failed Him, but His Father did not and therefore sent an angel. I do not believe that the disciples did it on purpose, but their flesh was weak and they fell asleep. Jesus said to them: “Why could you not watch with Me one hour? Watch and pray lest you enter into temptation.”

I am quite sure that you, yourself, have experienced how you can be quite awake until you start praying. You might feel very sleepy then and have lost all desires to pray. The bed is calling you. We have to withstand this attack, shake the drowsiness off, take cold water in the face and get up. Maybe you should pray by walking. We do not want to enter into temptation.

How long should we pray? My answer is from one minute to many hours. I have said that to pray is to have communion with God. Maybe you wake up in the morning and say: “Good morning Father, thank You for the mere fact that You Are and thank You for being with me to-day.” One day you might get a call from a friend and she or he says that they have gotten cancer. You do not ask about time then, but you pray till the Spirit of Prayer leaves you. It might be five minutes or two hours.

Some of you wonder if you should pray in tongues or with words. I use both. Most of the times I pray in tongues and then with words and then back to the tongues. I do not go by certain rules, but according to the leading of the Spirit.

In the morning I always cover myself, my family and all our belongings with the Blood of Jesus. I thank Jesus for His Blood. This is an invisible protection between me and my enemy. I have earlier told you the story about the tiger in Singapore. We were on a night-safari and passed a tiger. It was a very thin plexi-glass between me and the tiger. I sat down and looked the tiger straigt in the eyes. The Holy Spirit came over me and said: “The Blood of Jesus is like that thin glass. You can look the enemy straight in the eyes, but he cannot touch you because of the Blood.” Remember this story when fear comes over you. Say to the enemy: “I see you, but you cannot touch me.


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