Carry each others burden!

15th of May

I will be sharing with you some personal experiences from a difficult period that is not totally over.

I have just returned from India where I have experienced strong testimonies and seen what God can do through simple people, His vessels. People were hungry for God and they were so open that they got the best from me. I could freely operate in the gifts of the Spirit. THE ENTIRE HONOR GOES TO GOD.

I have been to India several times before, but this time I got sick, so sick that I was under intensive care at the hospital. The sickness had nothing to do with India. I do not understand what happened, but do know that sickness does not come from God. This time I was knocked out by the enemy, the devil.

What do we do when we are weak and become totally dependant on other people? I do not know what you do, but I felt small and quite humble. I was very happy about the fact that I know who my Father in Heaven is and the fact that I belong to a huge family called the Body of Christ. I got so dependant on the other members of the Body. God has never meant for us to live alone. You make a mistake if you think you can do everything yourself. God has given us sisters and brothers over the entire earth. In India the different members functioned in different ways. Some people were asked to help me in practical ways. Others called me in order to encourage me and many prayed both there and at home. The mobile became very important and many sent me very nice messages.

I, myself, lacked energy for long prayers and reading, but I know the Word and I had to hold on to the Truth in spite of what my emotions and mind would tell me. I found it difficult since the doctors said one thing and the Word said another thing. I was forced to listen to the doctors and take the medicines, but at the same time I knew that the Word said: “By His stripes we are healed.” I know that the Word of God will bring victory to my body.

You can go with me to Rom.15:1. We read: “We then who are strong ought to bear with the scruples of the weak, and not to please ourselves. Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, leading to edification.” I believe that this passage talks about many other areas than sickness, but I believe that it also can apply to sickness.

When one is ill, one is more vulnerable. I will therefore ask you to be careful. Do not say things like: “Don’t you have faith to be healed?” or “The devil can’t come if you don’t have an opening, you know.” He did come to Jesus in the desert and I do believe that he came without any invitation and any opening, but Jesus was weak since He had fasted for 40 days and nights. He saved Himself by quoting verses from the Bible. That was a rescue for Jesus, and the same goes for us. We are supposed to encourage each other with verses from the Bible, but I come with a little warning. “Do not put any demands on the sick and the weak!” When one is weak, it is important to rest in God and cling to His care and love. He is powerful and He keeps His promises. I, myself, got encouraged by Is.40:29-31. It says that He gives power to the weak and increases strength to those who have no might. I was so glad that He should give it to me. It was not I who should try to put myself together, but I should wait on Him. That can be quite difficult for an impatient person like me. I am glad that I am waiting on the Lord and He never comes too late.

I experienced the fact that some people became a little helpless since I all of a sudden became weak and helpless. They are used to see me strong and in control of myself. What should they say? What should they do? My advice is that you ask God and the person in question. Many think that they have to do a lot, but that is very rarely the case. A sick person cannot do so much, but appreciate a smile, a hand to hold, a rose. I would say that I welcome everything that is REAL.

I was personally very thankful for the good humor God has given me. I also appreciated that in others. I cannot forget a nurse at the ward for intensive care. She always smiled and laughed and could come with a joke, but it was not out of place. “BE YOURSELF!”

I believe that all the prayers that were offered to God by different people, shall give a very visible result. I felt that I was floating on a cloud of prayers and I thank everyone who was and is praying.

One family took me in as a member of their family and God will bless everyone in reward.

Why do I share these things with you? I am writing both to the ones who are weak and to the ones who know somebody in need. I would like to give some advice to both groups.

I take the one in need first: “YOU MUST NEVER BECOME TOO PROUD FOR RECEIVING.” If we can’t receive, we have nothing to give. If you are a person who gives out all the time, you are not living in a Biblical way. The Word of God says in Matt.22:37-39 that we should love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind and your neighbor as yourself. If you do not love yourself, you cannot fully love your neighbor. The Bible also says that we should reap what we are sowing. WE often mention this in connection with money, but that principle is true in all areas. If you have given and loved others, you will reap the help and love of others when you need it. Our Daddy wants the best for us and He will provide the help we need. We must therefore always be connected with others. DO NOT BECOME TOO PROUD TO ASK FOR HELP. Some people become bitter and think that everyone around them should understand what they need. There are people that should become much more sensitive to the need of others, but we are not made to read each others mind. Are you afraid of rejection? Go to God before you ask people. When you ask someone for help and you get a “no”, do not give up. God Himself, has asked many times and sometimes many people before an assignment was fulfilled.


I remember when a friend of mine came home from the hospital after an operation. A lady in the church arranged for 21 hot dinners for the entire family and at 4pm different people stood outside the door every day, for three weeks. This was an idea from God.

People who are sick or in sorrow or in any kind of need, knows what they need. Therefore: “Ask the person in question.” We must never forget that God’s spirit lives inside of us and He is creative. (Just look at the example above.) When we come to a person in need, it is Jesus Who comes to this person. We are supposed to share different parts of His love. WORDS AND ACTIONS MUST AGREE. I have experienced nice words, but the actions were different. In some cases there was no action at all. JESUS SAID AND HE DID. If you promise to visit someone, do it quickly. Listen to the Holy Spirit and what He asks you to do and: DO IT!


Mother Else