Are you conscious of the environment? Part 3

1st of October

I have stated that sin pollutes the Body of Christ, each individual and the entire population. I did mention some examples in the last chapter and I have no intension to come with a long list of names for the innumerable sins. The Bible says that everything that is done without faith is sinful. I could fill pages only under this category. 1.Cor.13 says that whatever is done without love is useless and a lot of it is sinful. If we violate the ten Commandments, we sin and that goes for any other exhortation or regulations from the Bible too. We do not have to practice the Jewish laws in the Old Testament since Jesus came with a new covenant. All of us are sinners depending on grace and forgiveness and that’s why Jesus came to save us. When we receive Jesus, we get a new nature and it up to us to follow the new nature or the old fleshly nature. All of those who have not received Jesus, live disconnected from Him and have chosen to live without forgiveness for their sins. I presume that they have heard about Him. There are unfortunately quite a few who haven’t.


People talk to-day a lot about the changes of climate and the global heating. I know too little about this in order to know how dangerous it is. One thing I do know is that Our Father will take care of His children. I am more worried about the increasing pollution of violence, terror, war, pornography, sexual misuse of children, harassments of any kind, hate, revenge, rebellion and anarchy. These things have always existed, but they have increased a lot. It is easier to get information through media to-day and very little can be hidden from us. The fact is still that these things go on in a much larger scale. Violence birth violence and the media make it worse by giving dangerous people ideas of how to violate the laws and norms. I am convinced that these kinds of pollution are much worse than much of what is talked about to-day.

Have you thought about all the anti-Semitism in the world to-day? God says in His Word that those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who curse Israel will be cursed. If a person or a government curses Israel, they open up for the devil and they lose the blessings of God. If that isn’t dangerous, I do not know. We must pray for our governments and pray that they will bless Israel and not curse it. If we pray that way, we pray for protection over ourselves and our countries and God can bless us. I do not say that we must agree with everything that the Israeli government is doing, but we must be faithful to the Word of God to bless.

The Word of God says that we should love our enemies and we create a sound atmosphere around us when we love those who are different from us and even those who are against us. When we love and forgive people who have hurt us, we create a positive environment with possibilities for peace and reconciliation.

I cannot save the world, but I want to make you aware of some factors that are destroying the families, schools, working-places, congregations and other organizations. These factors can destroy a lot, even entire countries.Let us Christians become examples for others in loving, creating peace and reconciliation, in blessing Israel and let us pray for those who lead the country. We really need the Holy Spirit who is our Helper. Haven’t you noticed how the atmosphere alters when the Holy Spirit comes? I have noticed that many times. Problems that I have considered to be big all of a sudden shrink and become small. People that I thought were difficult were not so bad after all.

I said in the beginning of the first chapter that I should write about the environment we nedd in order for people to be easily saved, healed and restored. I have planned to use the rest of this chapter to do so.

It is actually the Holy Spirit that makes the difference. I was at a meeting and I thought the meeting was a little dry and heavy. I wondered why and the Holy Spirit said to me: “I am here, but I am only allowed to come to the upper layers. I could do much more if I had the possibility.” The Holy Spirit is always willing. We can think of a greenhouse. The purpose of a greenhouse is to create an almost perfect environment for the plants to grow in. It should be the right temperature, right light and humidity. The soil is very important. Some should be fertilized and others would die if the get fertilized. Since the plants are so different, they must Lbe placed in different rooms.

Which ingredients must be present if the Holy Spirit should move freely? Jesus must first and foremost be in the center. The Holy Spirit will always point at Jesus. He must be preached and worshipped. The Bible says that Jesus enthrones on our praise and worship. To-day many are talking about seeking God’s presence. I have recently heard teaching about it and read a book about it. I have through years seen people seeking manifestations, healings and experiences and it is a temptation to forget the person behind them. I am therefore very happy that we to-day can seek the Lord and Him alone. We must still be careful not to forget the Word. It is written: “They heard and believed.” The faith comes by hearing and the hearing by the Word of God. We must therefore seek both His presence and the Word of God. Some of us are longing for God’s power,but that doesn’t come without the other ingredients. The Bible says that we cannot please God without faith. If something should happen in a meeting, the Word must be preached and we must expect the Word to be manifested by signs and wonder or other things written in the Word. If you want to see people saved, you preach the Gospel. If you want to see the gifts of the Spirit in function, you must teach about them. If you want to see people healed, you must preach about healing and tell about all the times Jesus healed. It can also strengthen your faith to hear testimonies from to-day. The Word comes first and it must be preached in the anointing of the Holy Spirit in order for people to receive revelation. The Word does not return void, but we like to see as much power as possible.

The Bible says that Jesus was full of compassion when he healed people. He really loved those he prayed for. Love is the main ingredient and gives the Holy Spirit an environment where He can move freely. How is the atmosphere in a meeting? Do people love and accept each other? Do we treat poor and rich the same way? We are all alike in front of God.

Where the Spirit of God is, there is freedom. I have been to meetings where I have felt controlled. I really believe that the Holy Spirit is limited where there is a spirit of control. I have also been to meetings with full freedom, but they do not know what comes from the Holy Spirit and what comes from another source. It can easily become chaotic. God is a God of order. How the environment is depends on the leadership, but also on each one of us. How do we live our every-day life? We cannot expect the Holy Spirit to come to us on Sundays if we do not live with Him the rest of the week. I want to live in a spiritual environment the entire week. I believe you do too. I have written these three chapters in order to give you a much wider perspective on environment and to mention a few things creating a healthy Christian environment. I ask in the light of the new information:


Mother Else