Are you at a crossroads or are you in a roundabout?

15th of November

I think that the title is rather funny and I pray that the content would make some of you readers to think and maybe it would help those of you who are standing in a situation where you must make a decision.

I sometimes meet people who are saying: “ Life is boring. Nothing happens.  There must be more to life than this.” This person might not see that he or she does a lot of meaningful things, but it could also be that the person lacks goals and visions and wonders around in circles. When God created us, He had as purpose for our lives. We are not created haphazardly even if our parents thought so. God has created each and every one of us to be special and unique and he wants everybody to fill his or her place in His universe. Every person should ask their Creator what He thought about when he created them. What plans did He have for them? What kinds of talents and abilities did He give to you for you to use? What kind of education do you need in order to fulfill His plans? Do you need some extra courses or do you need some special knowledge? Maybe you need some specialized training? If you are becoming a doctor, you need very good grades in school and quite a few other vocations also require very good grades. If you want to become an electrician or a plumber, you must specialize within that particular subject. It is not enough with an all-round education then. If you are supposed to be a missionary, you might have to learn another language and you must definitely know where God wants you and what you are supposed to do. Some people are chosen to preach, others to build and some to administrate. God might call some to stay home with their children and others are called to take care of other people’s children. Some are called to earn a lot of money for the kingdom of God and others are called into ministries in the kingdom. Everybody has a calling and no one is better or more important than others. What is important is that you find God’s plan and purpose for you.

Many want a change in life, but they do not know how. Do you really want to get out of the roundabout? If you do, God will show you where to drive. “That sounds a little too simple,” you may say, “ I don’t think it is so simple as that.” I would really ask God to speak to me directly if I was in that situation, but everybody doesn’t know how to hear from God. He will often talk through His Word, prophetic words, pictures and dreams. You may also get thoughts, but you need to try them out on the Word of God. When people want a change, I usually ask them: “What do you want?” I believe that God also asks that question. He doesn’t overrule a person’s will. What gives you joy? The Word says that our decisions should be followed by peace. If you think that you should move, ask yourself where you would be the most content. Some people like the country-side and others the big cities. Maybe you have to move since your spouse is changing job and you really don’t want to move, but have to. Ask The Holy Spirit to show you some positive things about the new place and pray that you will find peace as long as you need to live there. I don’t think that I live at the most beautiful and exiting place right now, but I am convinced that I am at the right place and that’s why I am satisfied. The secret is my conviction. Whatever one does without faith, is sin, says the Bible in the letter to the Romans 14:23. One needs faith for the desired changes or the changes one must do.

Many are avoiding things they should do because of fear.  They are afraid of the unknown. I think that most of us think that the unknown can be a little scary, but we must not allow the fear to hinder us in doing the will of God. We will not become satisfied and happy then. None of us are happy if we are at the wrong place at the wrong time. That can really lead to some serious happenings sometimes. God doesn’t want that, but he might have prompted us to do something else or to be another place long before the disaster came, but we didn’t listen or didn’t dare to listen. Be sensitive to the voice of God and quick to obey!

When one drives around and around, one doesn’t need to think so much. One lives almost automatically. One isn’t necessarily unhappy, but one doesn’t care much. The Word of God does say that we shouldn’t worry, so that is a good thing, but we should not be indifferent. How does the news affect you? What do you do when a colleague gets divorced or lose his wife or husband? What do you do when you hear that your country will make new laws contradicting the Word of God? When you are in a roundabout, you might not get involved in the things that God is involved in. You are only occupied with what goes on in your roundabout. You might have unsaved neighbors, but you don’t care if they go to hell. Only God can save them, but you can tell them about Jesus. Start by becoming a friend.  Roundabouts are helpful when you do not where to go, but get yourself out of them!

When one stands at a crossroad, one can often see signs in different directions. They point to places far away or nearby. Many get confused and are afraid to make a mistake. If you are a child of God, you have a heavenly daddy who has promised to take care of you. If you are serious about Him, He will help you to reach the right place. If you should start walking or driving in the wrong direction, He would call you back. “This is wrong, turn around. This is the way,” He would say. Jesus says that He is the Way and we must always be on that road. We are supposed to go where Jesus has already prepared the deeds for us. If He wants you to go to a certain Bible-school, He will help you with a place to live and with the money you need. If you say you live by faith and do not pay your bills, Jesus has not been there to prepare the school for you. You are at the wrong place at the wrong time.

God is usually showing us only one step at a time. We would like to see our entire lifespan, but that wouldn’t be a walk in faith. We must dare to take that one step that the Lord is asking us to take, the one that is prepared. The Lord will sometimes ask us to just go to one place or attend a conference without telling you why. You might not think that it sounds sensible. I was asked to go to a conference in Italy a year ago. I didn’t know anybody there, nor the speakers or the person hosting the conference. I was invited back this year and that resulted in the fact that I sit writing a book right now. I got the right contacts that led to contracts. If I hadn’t been obedient last year, I wouldn’t have had this fantastic possibility now.

How do I know that it is God speaking? I have already mentioned the peace as one sign. The fruits of your choices will also confirm or invalidate your choices. If it is God, you will see good fruits and if it isn’t, you will see bad fruits. I sometimes talk to people who say: “I chose so and so, but it didn’t turn out the way I thought.” Our own ideas might not give any desired results. The fruits of The Spirit will give eternal fruits.

When we drive around and around, we should take a pause and get out of the roundabout and ask God if we should change lane. When we are at a crossroad, we should not be in a hurry. We read in Isaiah 28:16 that whoever believes will not act hastily.


Mother Else